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    Best Indian alternatives for Popular Chinese Apps

    India can't ban everything from China. It will affect the Indian economy but in some fields, India & Indians can try to stop their dependency on China.

    Below are some popular Chinese Apps used by Indians.

    You can post a better Indian App alternative for it:- (Also, share the App name with your friends on Whatsapp and ask them to share with all their friends)

    #1. Tiktok - (Indian alternative App = Chingari, is there any other? Post it in your response)
    #2. PubG
    #3. UC Browser
    #4. Helo App
    #5. ShareIt
    #6. Mention other Apps in the response and Indian alternative Apps. Also, share the name of Indian App with your friends on social media and ask them to do as well.
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    PM Modi has taken the China products and Chinese apps very seriously and want to create alternate for the same and asked the researchers and public to come with new ideas. In fact he want every manufacturer to mention the origin of the product to ban and give alternative to Chinese apps. Soon India will have our own browser, our own apps equivalent to Chinese apps and even better than them. Our think tank which are now busy with American companies and their apps are advised to go for Indian apps. Even the Trump Administration wants to curb the Indian immigration in future and therefore the best app creators would now be at the disposal of Indian companies and they are yearning to create new apps for the children, for the elders and even better apps at every walks of life to completely avoid the Chinese app.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't use much app. I do not use any of the apps listed in the thread. I would like our techies to come out with good apps.
    I was always of the view that Chinese are treacherous people. A friendship with them cannot be real.
    In 2016 in my response #580918 to a Forum thread I wrote:-
    " China was never and will never be a good friend to India. They are more cunningly selfish than the US. We have history that is the story of betrayal. But even then we welcomed Chinese goods wholeheartedly and gave them profit. The fault was because of the Indian corporates who did not sacrifice even a small portion of their profits and sell really Indian made goods at a lower price.
    After our signing the GATT and liberalisation of our economy, the government lost its right and power to make any concession to domestic industry. It was for the patriotic citizen and nationalist politicians to make a campaign for Swadeshi. However that was ignored by the mainstream political parties and they even mocked and isolated those who campaigned for swadeshi goods.
    The result of which we now suffer. Even now time is not lost. The Indian corporates should rise to the occasion and sell their Indian manufactured goods at reduced price for the people to afford and buy. Even Baba Ramdev is also not selling his products at lower rates though he proclaims swadeshi, but only for his profit.

    We need to have a new Independence movement. That is the renewed swadeshi movement. It is in that context that 'make in India' is a very relevant step and slogan." Unquote
    But what I see is that many start-ups the entrepreneurs are spotted by foreign fund investors and they pump in funds and slowly become owners. Chinese investors have entered many of our start ups and established enterprises in this manner.
    I had been writing about this danger of free foreign investment from day one. Kindly refer to my views in an Active GD on FDI in retail sector in 2011. There I ended my discussion with the statement
    "By inviting FDI our government tries to save the hen by bringing the Fox"
    However such sensible opinion remains feeble and weak and not heard in the loud voice of vested interest and vested interest paid media trumpeting for Globalisation and liberalisation.
    Let us hope sense prevails at least now.

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    China has flooded the world markets with its products not only in the volume but the variety of items is mind boggling. So it is becoming difficult for many countries to replace them with their products.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Instead of shareit we can use share all Indian application. PubG is a game used by youngsters. There are many other games an available on the net, they can search according to their choices and play.
    We as Indians should have a goal to achieve such targets so as to use swadeshi products over the videshi products within a short period of time.

    Lead the leader

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    There are many apps developed by India and countries other China. In fact, Pub G is a South Korean game and it is not an app. It is not a China developed Game. These days we are hearing about Telegram which can be used in place of WhatsApp. But WhatsApp is from the US but not from China.
    Almost all apps developed by China are having equivalents developed by other countries. Let us start using them. Young people and IT people will be knowing them. My sons are telling me which are china App and they are uninstalling those Apps from my smartphone.

    always confident

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    What happened to the Indian messenger App - Hike?
    No one seems to be using it now!
    Telegram is a Russian App.

    The Man With Most 'Ask Experts' Questions.

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