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    The school lunch box --food, fun and much more

    I had studied in a pucca English medium school in a township environment when over 98% of my classmates had fathers and sometimes mothers employed in the same BHEL at Tiruchirapalli. It was a close-knit society, but the coeducation school made a huge difference.

    We were a very naughty bunch and the first-ever batch who had studied right from the LKG class. Every single teacher was given a nickname and this was a secret. Sometimes, the teachers would know the nicknames as well. However, none of them reprimanded us. They would complain about our pranks only if the situation went out of control ( this was very rare though). We would use the lunchboxes to exchange notes within the class. These would relate to some jokes about some teacher or her hairstyle or her mannerism on that day or whatever. We had a perfect understanding amongst ourselves and none would spill the beansThat is after the lunch was eaten and the boxes thoroughly washed as well. In those days, we did not even have the STD phones. Hence, everything was handwritten. A single joke would do the rounds and the teacher would be confused why many people are smiling. We had a few minutes between each period when the concerned teacher would come a bit late. The entire class will share the joke!!

    Today, when we bump into each other, we still remember all the jokes. We had jokes about our classmates and even township gossip. Everything was just fun and we had the habit of using the lunchboxes to have fun every single day. Today, a few of us have grandchildren. Those who are five years old or older have all the fun when we tell the jokes to our grandchildren. We are in constant touch with each other and have a what's up group as well. Yes, the food was also shared every day and we would converge on someone's house to demand the particular aunty to get us the special dish prepared for at least ten of us.

    Those golden days of food, fun, and caring and sharing cannot even be imagined now.

    This is my entry for the school box contest.
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    The author gives us a straight narrated story of good old times of school and friends. This can bring resonance in the memory many of us too.
    After school was great place for learning and playing and making friends-some of them lifelong too.
    I am thanking God that I am now able to meet/communicate with a couple of my classmates of fist standard also. That is really a feeling.

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    Author's post made me recollect many golden memories of my school days. The days when we used to write jokes on paper chits and circulate them in the classroom. When we used to eat lunch in the fourth period so that we can have sometime to play during the lunch. A beautiful recollection has been presented by the author.
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    Good post. But I remind the author that he has to give a link to some webpage of the site in the narration as rule for the contest. I request him to go through the rules of the contest once. Another point I want to tell him is that he has to give link in the bottom to the contest to the thread in which the contest ( Not Context) is announced.

    When I read this post, really I remembered by high school days. All our teachers were having nicknames. When only students were there we used to refer them with their nicknames only. The teachers used to take these issues very sportively. But if we were not studying properly or if we were not doing homework they used to scold us and even used to beat us. We never complained about them to the parents and the parents never entertained such complaints.

    Gone are the days. Those days will never come back. Thanks to the author for taking us back to those days.

    always confident

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    School days are always a treasure to keep in the memories and most of the people are much nostalgic about those past events. It is said that the bonding between the class fellows is something unique and whenever they meet their first talk is those days only.
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    Just as the author would pass the notes in the lunch box, my lunch box itself would roam around in between the period intervals and when the bell rings for lunch my box would be empty. I would carry chapatis which were favourites for most of my friends. Usually, I would carry six but still, all would be eaten up and finally, I would go for sharing food.
    After a few days, my mother recognised that I was eating rice instead of chapatis especially sharing, she stopped preparing chapatis for some days. It was my punishment which my friends had to bare.

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    The old times when calling was costly and rare and every communication would be done through friends or letters is what keeps the good olden days still fresh in our minds. As mentioned by the writer, I studied in a boys school with a good strength of 70 students in a class with eight-division(A-H) for each class. We had Secondary section in the early morning from 7-1 Pm and primary and college in the afternoon section from 1-6 Pm. As you know that boys school are known for mischiefs, we too had nickname for every teacher and even the principal. As the school was run by Christian congregation of Franciscan brothers, it was very strict but naughtiness was even enjoyed in that austere environment. Every teacher would be addressed by their nicknames and at times, their original name would make students wonder who that teacher is? Everyone had time to be with their friends and would participate in every event, sports, etc. Those were some special days of our lives which we really miss but is alive through the small Whatsapp group that reminds us of all that through our chats with friends or classmates.
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