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    How To Solve My Standard Deviation Problem

    It is not always easy to derive the right answers to standard deviation problems. We face a hard time getting a grip on all the concepts, properties, and formulas related to this topic. We can use the mean and standard deviation calculator to make this task 10X easier.
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    If one wants to understand the concepts of standard deviation and other associated concepts then one has to learn it from the grassroots levels and until one does it oneself manually the concepts would not be clear. At the same time just to solve a standard deviation question or exercise if one can take help of a calculator or computer program one can solve any standard deviation problem but then it is not we ourselves that are solving it but the machine we are using. So, there is a significant difference between the two situations. If one has time in hand and there is a need, I would go for the first option.
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    This post seems to be of science subject and this thread should be shifted to the ask experts section so that apt responses can be registered by our experts.
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    Calculators can do for you. But if you have no calculator, what are you going to do? We should learn and we should be ready to do it on our own if a need arises. Otherwise, you will face problems. How to calculate the standard deviation will be taught to the students during their high school studies. We used to solve these problems during our SSC and Intermediate, Those days calculators were not available. We used to use logarithm books. These days students will never know about these logarithm books. They will carry scientific calculators and get all the problems done using that.
    We should not completely depend on instruments and tools. They tend to give problems sometimes and we may not be able to understand how to solve our problems. So one should always learn these statistical problems and be ready for doing without a calculator also.

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    Thanks for the response. I am also sharing useful resource for online assignment help.

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