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    East or West ISC is the best

    I was referring for something else and came to see the following quoted response I gave to some forum thread in year 2013.
    Membership - self disciplined

    Content - Useful to different segments of people

    Site construction - simple easy to navigate

    Reputation- Good

    Trust - Trustworthy for our purpose

    Reward - Reasonably acceptable

    Admin guidelines and establishment - Transparent and non-complicated to possible extent

    Moderation- To the bare minimum and depending on self moderation

    Overall feeling- a sense of belonging as a decent group

    For these and more reasons I find ISC as the best in comparison with the sites I know or seen reviews.


    A lot of new members have joined after that and are active in various sections of ISC. I would like to know what their opinion is and what addition or amends they want to make on this seven year "old" opinion.
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    Even today also all the points you have mentioned in the above post are the same today also. The author might have given a link to that 2013 original thread. Anyhow each point mentioned and the ratings that are given by the author are 100% true. The reputation of the site is very good. The overall rating can be "A decent group with very good chances for learning and for earning moderately. "
    These days forum section is very active and new members joined and making good contributions. This is making the members participate more in the discussions. That is giving a very good impression of the site.

    always confident

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    There is no doubt about the things told by the members about ISC sometime back from where the author has quoted it. I am working in some other sites also but there we do not have any interaction with the editors or administrators as we only get a single message that is approved or not approved. In some sites they even do not entertain any query also. So from that comparative point of view this is definitely a site where members have a comfort of working in a known and friendly environment. This is a site where people come even after a long gap but get same welcome and warmth as they had in earlier times. Let us all work for the progress and betterment of this site in the ocean of internet.
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    Certainly ISC is the best site available today for the serious contributors because the transparency and the strict posting guidelines which the admin follows. Over the period of 11 years association with this site, I could see sweeping changes made much to the acceptance of the regular members. And those who are regulars have always established themselves and their writing caliber also increased. Once I went to a content writing interview and there I mentioned about ISC and they have seen my writing and offered the job. But I was not in the mood to accept that they insisted to work from their office which is not syncing with my other commitments and therefore I feel by associating with ISC we are getting good acceptance and recognition and also name and fame through awards and rewards .
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    Why only East or West? Call it East or West, North or South, ISC Home is the best. ISC is a home for all who can write good English. It is my nine years of fine experience that there is no other site like ISC on this good earth. If there is discipline, everything will go well. ISC has it. I tried to find a site like ISC in this web world, but failed. Transparency is another great thing to appreciate. Learning and earning go well with ISC. I always used to say 'Sun may fail to rise, but ISC will never fail to pay its members.'
    Silent WebMasters, Active Managing Editor, Smart Lead Editors and Editors, and Humble members are the asset to ISC. I am a bit mischievous child member who loves fun, and ISC makes me run for creating fun. Once upon a time, Sun's fun was entertained, appreciated and awarded. Now, ISC turned fully educational and doesn't entertain any more fun that worries SuN.

    Above all, ISC is the Best home for all.

    No life without Sun

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    My experience with ISC is almost similar to what other members have expressed but I would like to mention a few things that really impressed me while working here. First thing is that all those who want to learn to write effectively get a golden chance here because editors are checking our entries thoroughly and not publishing them blindly. So, we are also very careful and alert as we know that doing mistakes or errors would not help as the contributions would be either rejected or asked for corrections. Apart from this unique experience the other thing which I liked and usually participate also is the regular contests offered here which give us a change from monotony and also give us opportunity to showcase our creative potential.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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