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    Reducing integrity and unity among school children

    Going back to our school days we find a number of recollections and honestly speaking every recollected memory makes us feel proud of the batch we belonged to. Whether the recollections are related to lectures during classes or a motivational speech given by the Principal or any other teacher during the assembly or it is simply about the assembly prayer, every memory makes us happy and proud.
    Those were the days when students of a class were too united and did everything unitedly whether it was about cracking jokes during lectures or eating lunch before recess or getting scolded by the teacher but none used to blame each other. Even when the teachers used to catch a child for some naughty behaviour or mimicry of the teachers, the whole class would unitedly stand for the punishment to be shared. If the teacher asked for who did this mistake, everybody used to be quiet and the resultant was that the whole class got the punishment. Such great was the unity amongst the kids that time.
    But today when we ask the kids who did that mistake even the closest friends and the bench sharers loudly speak and point out who the child was. They aren't ready to be scolded in place of their friends neither CA they bear if their friend is being praised by a teacher. They become envious and reveal their darkest secrets in front of the teacher so that the teacher wouldn't praise him again. Although still some students share a deep bond between them but such students are just handful in number, the major portion has changed.
    I wonder where the integrity and unity of the present day children have gone? What are the reasons behind this loss? Who is responsible for this?
    Kindly share your worthy views.
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    This post brought some memories during my intermediate studies, For language class, all the groups used to attend together. The strength was about 80 students. For group subjects separate classes. I was in MP and only 25 students were there in group subject classes. Some students used to irritate the Telugu lecturer and he was getting angry. One day they tried to irritate him by doing some mimicry of the principal's voice. He asked who was that person. We all kept silent. Then he said, you are all not intermediate students you are all interm ediats. Even though the spelling is wrong it was pronounced as "in term idiots ".
    Those days we used to appear as if we really don't know who did the mischief. We never exposed them. Some times some lecturers used to call us separately and ask. But we used to say that really we don't know.
    I have no idea of the students of these times as I am not teaching profession. But in general, in all the people selfishness is increased from that time to this time.

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    Yesterday's students were united and worked in unison. They had some sense of friendliness and belonging to each other and faced any adverse situation in a united way. It means they were not selfish and cared for each other. Today the students are individualistic and think about their own advantage and career and do not bother or care for the others. So, this paradigm shift in the school children behaviour is there and could be a consequence of the changing society around them. When the whole society is changing it is natural that these students would also change.
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    Surely the behavior of children is causing concern as they are getting into anger mode even at the slightest remarks and comparison with other child. One of my friend child who is very naughty was told by his parents that the neighbor children are behaving well and studying well. He got annoyed over this comparison and went to his room and locked from inside. The parents got the shock of their life time and pacified the child that they will not scold him nor make comparison with any child in future. Yet he would not budge. Then they called his close classmate who prevailed on him and asked to open the door. This time the boy opened the door but would not talk with the parents. This incident proves that children getting stressed and more worried when we compare their behavior with other children and the change should come from parents on this issue.
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    Children learn from their elderly people. We are becoming selfish and self centred, so what we can expect from children. However, it's not necessary to generalize that all students as a whole are of this sort.
    I've complaint about teachers as well as guardians. They are no more sincere teachers who would love and care about their students as their own children, nor are modern age parents who would never mind if teachers ever beat their child as punishment.
    This kind of disarrayed topsy turvy can not be refixed now.

    Teachers are like professionally service providers and parents avail their services in return of money. This bilateral relationship is absolutely based on consumerism.

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    Children of our groups were with at least one parent and grandparents to help, guide, play and give moral values to children. Present-day children are left alone with only gadgets to support. Both parents go to work and grandparents are in old age homes. So none to love and care with affection hence learn more from fighting games and television programs which change their approach.
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    One reason for this perceptible difference might be that earlier the school going children were not having many activities like today. There were no mobile phones, computers were not so common and opportunities for other indulgences were limited. So, their focus was in the classroom and in class fellows and their activities were also confined to those terrains. Today there are so many distractions, diversions and modern indulgences that they do not have any inclination for devoting time to the sovereignty of the batch or things like that. So, with changing times many such old cooperative actions have been lost.
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