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    My granddaughter - A question box.

    My first granddaughter is around two and a half years old. She is very sharp and picks up the matter very fast. She is able to recite some slokas from Baghavat Gita also. She is very inquisitive. When we say something to her, she will ask many questions related to that subject.

    One day she was asking some questions to my second son. He was answering all the questions very patiently. Finally, he told her that she is a question box. From that day onwards, she picked up that and started saying that her name is 'question box'.

    Whenever she sees her uncle, she started saying 'question box'. These days we are spending our time with her as all of us are staying inside.
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    This is really an amusing thing that author has shared that she calls herself as question box. These kids are really very funny. They will do all sort of funny things and of course the family members enjoy it only.
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    My appreciation to your grand daughter who can recite the slokas from Bhagawat Gita at that tender age. It is always a pleasure to enjoy every moments of small child and they remove all our pains and agony once we spend times with them. In this regard please record the slokas while she was rendering and send the video to the Shankara tv whats app number being flashed on their screeen so that every day at 4.30 pm they are telecasting such slokas rendered by small children up to the age of 13 years. Surely if the voice is good and legible, they telecast the slokas. My many relatives children have appeared on the Shankara Television.
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    I have come across many chatterboxes. This is the first time I am hearing about Question Box. Yes. there are many clever Question Box babies. The Question Box baby would turn out to be an Answer Box girl with the knowledge acquired by being a Question Box baby now.
    I remember my son who used to be an Answer box during his childhood. He never used to ask questions, but tell everything that he knows. He would start with the words, "You know Dad........". And when he doesn't get a proper word, he used the words 'You know '(by the time he gets the word). Being a Tamil, he never used to speak in Tamil at home. Now he is a research scholar and writes articles for 'Global Times'. He teaches political science, history and culture at a University.

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    Generally, I have seen that small child having very curious mind. If they see any thing then start questioning. They always eager to know more and more thing. In some cases, some child having more sharp mind as mentioned by author. Recitation of Baghavat Gita's sloka is obviously amazing for two and half year kid. Moreover, one thing I noticed in small child that is copy to other's behaviour as well as imitation of word. In such situation, we should answering with Patience.

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    Generally, children are various curious to know about things which are visible around them. My daughter is fond of all the advertisements on the television and grasps the words quickly. It is true that an elder person and a child will keep our homes lively than compared to the other members of the family.
    She also asks the same question at least four to five times and several times until she confirms on the content.

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    Congratulations go to your grand daughter for her brilliance and it may be due to the cordial atmosphere of the family which has helped her in sharpening her memory- skill. These inquisitive children have plenty of questions offering you a chance of updating your knowledge in the areas from where the questions are emerging from. The patience of the family members in answering her questions will help her to shine in her studies. Let there be a conducive environment to satisfy her mental needs.

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