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    The clutter box fluttering around the school

    My friend, Smitha is thirteen years old. She is taller than all the girls in the class. A fair-complexioned girl with a round face. She is fond of writing articles from a very young age. Her posts will be a part of the notice board, praising the class as a whole by the readers. She has the habit of scribbling short messages with one-word topics on every waste paper and also suggests us not to tear papers from the notebook. Her message bit roams around the class, brings smiles on our faces, sometimes thunder striking anger also may make us jump on our toes thus disturbing the class. This piece of paper would eventually reach the clutter box of our school.

    One day, Smitha looked worried as she was busy searching for something in between the racks of the classroom. She could not stop crying as soon as I entered the class. On enquiry, she told me about her article on "My Mother", written on two sheets of paper found missing. Last night she could not sleep well remembering her misplaced article. I extended my support to her. Just then the long bell for the school assembly was heard and our friends rushed too. I and Smitha stood back hiding in between the benches and moved out slowly once the class was empty. I helped her to search but failed in our attempt. Finally, the clutter box struck my mind.

    We searched for the classroom clutter box (dustbin) but could not find it, as it had just then removed from our class. We slowly moved down to the second floor and found a similar blue colour clutter box as ours but to our disguise, our attempt was in vain. We enquired the ayah aunty, ultimately found that all the clutter was dumped into a big can. We took pains to search for it and was happy to find it. As we moved to the class, there was a heavy breeze to snatch the paper high into the air dropping down below the feet of a lady, none other than our Principal. We were afraid as we missed the assembly. The principal picked up the paper and gazed through the words as she gave a broad smile and suggested Smitha to present it more precisely on a long sheet of paper to the office.

    Smitha was happy too. She wanted to improve the quality of her write up. We searched over the internet to learn tips to present it in a better way. At last, she found this article to guide her on good article writing tips and through the tips she managed to write and publish her article "My Mother, the gift from nature". She won a cash award of Rs.100/- and a certificate in appreciation of her work at a young age. Smitha is presently the editor for the posts on school magazine of our school. I am happy to raise my collar in pride to say that she is my friend, Smitha.

    This is my entry for a school box-creative writing contest.
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    An excellent story. The narration is good. Referring to the Dust Bin as a clutter box is a good idea by the author. So it has become a uniques post. Another point to be noted that the help extended by the friend is very unique and such friends are very rare these days. Good post for the contest.
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    Very unique idea of searching something in the clutter box or dust bin in the school premises. The story is also very interesting as the search for the missing write up was also successful at last.
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    Thank you for your support. She is one of my best friends with beautiful handwriting too.
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    A good presentation of how our interest and passion helps us to be more active and reach a higher level in life. The story helps the reader to keep on trying and loving what we do so as to have that spark that will speak for us. The motivation and inspiration help a lot and it is what made her improve and excel in what she loved the most. Many a time, even a small word of encouragement means a lot as done by the school principal, she just asked her to present her article more precisely and that was an encouragement. We need to keep in mind that a small word can change or make a difference in another's life and let us try our best to help others to be their best by just our words of encouragement. It is very apt for parents to understand their children and encourage and inspire them, if not through things but by supporting them and standing them when they try.
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    I have seen words clutter, de-clutter etc and can understand the meaning related to relevant contexts. The author using the term clutter-box for dust bin is a nice coinage. Can it be termed neologism?

    The story narrates a small incident which is sentimental to the student. Paper bits falling into dustbins, water drain etc become twist in movies. But in this story could not make out how the paper fell into dustbin. The tempo is kept up and the climax is positive. The story contains some guidelines and message too.

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    Clutter box is also an important items in the school premises and it could happen that some important thing falls in its area and gets lost. The idea of searching a document in that area is a unique idea.
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    Smitha always had the habit of scribbing on waste papers. She found a similar paper in the class which gave her an idea to write about her mother.

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