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    Back-stabbing is the weapon of the weak

    Everyone in this world is not your loved one or a well-wisher. There are people all around us who are jealous of another's success. Even one may dislike someone because of his/her popularity. We come across many such people who are very sweet in front of us but does back-biting. The human world is not that humane actually and not that cordial too. Most of the people are masked, and their real personality is not known to the world. Numerous people believe in harming a person for personal benefit, but they do it from behind. In front, they present themselves as well-wishers, but in reality, they betray. They harm from the back. They are not true to others and so believe in back-stabbing. It depicts that those who believe in harming others from back, they are neither honest nor brave people. Thus, back-stabbing is the weapon of weak people.

    What do you say? Haven't you come across such people? They have no courage to harm from the front because of their weak nature, but they can prove to be dangerous and fatal because none would consider them as harmful. That's a cunning, and cheap approach, so back-stabbing signifies weak and sick mentality.
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    Rightly said by the author that there are people around us who pretend to be our well wishers but actually they are real enemies who cannot believe in themselves or their strength but show their cunning attitude which not only bring them the bad name but people would distance from them. That is the reason being so some people conceal their progress and achievements to avoid the confrontation and cunning attitude from others. If someone is progressing because their good planning, and good approach to the issue and matter, and that is not understood by the enemies who think that luck is always favoring and they tend to create problems through maligning campaign. One thing is sure those who are blessed people, these kind of cunning attitude shown by others would not matter as they have much plus points to counter all those allegations and move further without any problems.
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    The author has presented the cruel reality of our society and life where there are definitely such elements who would be doing harm to you from behind. In fact there are some who criticise you on the face also but we do not like them. We cannot tolerate anyone talking about our shortcomings or deficiencies straight on our face. If we go in the genesis of as why people do backbiting or more literally back-stabbing then the inherent fact is that humans are having a natural instinct or attribute of jealousy and if they cannot prosper due to various reasons only known to them then they start thinking in those terms. It happens everywhere - in offices, in workshops, in organisations, in any group where there is a fight for the leadership etc. The problem with humans is (not all of course) that they would pull the leg of a successful person instead of cooperating with him. This is the irony in our society and many budding artists are victim of these aggressions. So, it is necessary to identify such persons in our lives, though it is not an easy task as we are mislead by their masks on their faces, and keep away from them.
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    There are many people of that nature. They talk very nicely and politely with you. But behind you, they talk very bad about you. They will never hesitate to do harm to you. But they will do in such a way we will never know that particular person did it. During 35 years of industry experience, I have seen many people of that nature.

    A manager was there in one company who appears as if he is a very innocent person. He always bypasses his immediate subordinates and directly goes to the next level people. In the last moment, the matter will come to the notice of his immediate subordinate. If the task is done successfully, he used to report that to the higher-ups as if he has done it. If there is a failure, he will throw the blame on to his immediate subordinates. That way many able persons were sent out the company to see that there is no threat to his post. He used to convey bad about his subordinates to the higher-ups and never taken care of them.

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    Some people have that type of nature and they are always engaged in such practices which are actually in bad taste. The unfortunate part is that we cannot judge them in the beginning though later they get exposed when we cross check about them with other people.
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    Nobody is perfect in this world but when somebody who do we trust a lot deceives us hurts a lot and shakes all our confidence or trust which we have or can have in any person.

    I always follow and believe in a statement of a great soul who do I respect a lot advised his own people that - 'you do good for others without expecting any good from them. If they do good for you it will give you happiness and if they don't do any good for you it will not hurt you because you've not expected any good from them'.

    Whether or not we trust other people,eventually,we have to trust someone despite any unexpected fear of deception from him. This is life and we're to live together with all people- good or bad. Sometimes, we know that our own brother or sister or uncle or any friend is not a good person he / she can deceive us any moment, nevertheless, we have to drag this relationship.

    If any weak person who has no courage to have open enmity against us after winning our trust in him deceives us literally shocks us.

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