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    Do you have a furniture at home that is older than you?

    Wood has everlasting life. Every household will have furniture made of different woods. Some lasts long while a few go bad after a few years.

    Do you have any furniture at home that is older than you? If yes, what is it, and how old is the furniture.

    I have a bench 1.5 x 1.5 ft at home which was bought in the year 1950 by my Dad. I used it as a bench to sit, as a table to read, as a dining table to eat. The bench is 70 years old. Still fit and perfect.
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    I have two items in our house which are older than me.
    The first item is a cot of my grandfather(MY mother's father), It was made somewhere in the 1920s. A very very good cot with more carvings on both the sides of the cot. There is a small mirror on the side where our legs will be there so that we can see us in the mirror. The cot is made with seasoned take wood and if we get it polished it will look like a brand new cot. As the height is more recently the legs were shortened. A very good cot.
    The second item is a wooden cot of my father. It was made in the year 1950. Immediately after his marriage. Still, he is using that cot for sleeping. It is a very good cot and may cost the minimum a lakh of rupees if we have to get new on made with the same design. Initially, he was using a bed made of cotton but later on changed to foam bed. The height of this cot is also more. But m father wanted that height. So we kept the cot in the same way without any remodelling.

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    I am having a pure teak wood table which is of one and half meter width and one meter breadth and it is more than 65 years old. My father when he got transfer from Bengaluru to Hyderabad and when we were staying at Prakash Nagar opposite airport bought this wooden table from Railway auction. It is very strong and and weighs much. It needs four people to lift the same and this is used even today to keep things and dining purpose. One thing is sure old wooden furniture are of best quality and we cannot get the same kind of things these days. And the weight and looks of the same cannot be compared or matched.
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    Furniture made out of teak wood lasts for long years. We have a table with two draws in it. It is an ancestral property. This table is almost 110 years old. It has seen three generations during its life and is still in good condition.
    We are using it to keep purified water for drinking now.

    Those days the carpenter's work was done honestly and were trustworthy but these days they take the wood but tell some reasons to blind file us and change the basic type of wood itself when the final output is ready.

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    In those days people bought furniture and other items for their children usage. But the children do not care on the items as they think they are wastage and in their view their parents unnecessarily accumulates the waste items in the house. But once they attain to a certain age, the said items found in their mind as valuable. My grand father used to write in a slope desk, as they do writing by sitting on the ground only. He start using that slope desk since ten years before my birth. That was made in an ordinary wood only. We kept the slope desk on one side in our house till last year. But last year when my brother's daughter sat for writing her home work it was immensely useful to her.

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