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    Living together is a challenge for both young and old

    Living together or live in relationship is a term which is often used by the youngsters these days. They not only talk about it but also they practice or are willing to practice the same. According to them there's nothing stale in this rather they enjoy being in this status. Typically talking about the mind of youngsters when they go for a live in relationship status, the basic and most obvious reason for this ia that they avoid handling relations and taking responsibilities. Yes, they find it difficult to marry and handle the responsibilities of not only family but also the family members. They, who always have a fear of being responsible and are always lost about their career and money aren't eager to take any more responsibilities. Hence they avoid marriages and for the pleasure and love they decide to live together. However if a couple, above 18 years, is ready to live together there's no crime in that as our constitution gives them the rights.
    But here comes the cultural and traditional thinking of old people. They strictly have a dislike for this tradition of youngsters. They consider it fake and only done for pleasure. Sometimes they even can't understand the love of the couple for each other and start criticizing this action of theirs. This is because they got married in their early ages, had a family and shouldered the responsibilities quite well which they expect their children to do, which is again a good decision.

    Now, here in these situations we can't say that anyone of them is incorrect. They are doing good according to their ages still both the young and the old face numerous comments, taunts, evil eyes and much more. I hope, there soon will be a stage between these called harmony.
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    A pair can't live together for long. They will be together for some time. But after some time they may go separate as there is no binding. They will not have children and there is no problem going for a divorce. Just they can leave each other as there is no legal binding. Even in western culture also there is the concept of marriage. But they will get separated as and when they want. The children will get separated from the parents or parent once they are 18 years.
    But as per our Indian culture marriage is a life long relationship and the pair will share are problems and pleasures together. That gives security to them as one can rely on the other. But this living together concept may not that much longevity. Of course, I am not telling it is bad. But my only question is, how long the two people who are young and staying together can live together? If not, who will be there with them during their old age when they require another person's help. Many people say they can hire people. But there will be a lot of difference.

    always confident

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    Dr. Srinivasa,
    A very good question imposed by you asking who will accompany them in their old age. Certainly this is true if they kept on living together without marrying and without having kids. But a pair who is living together for years will certainly marry after a certain age of theirs and once they have checked their compatibility with each other.
    Next thing which comes to my mind is that in today's age are children actually looking after their parents? Are they with them all during their old age?
    No, they are simply sending money and having a few visits to the house in a month. Today also the parents are living a solitary life. Then a living together couple would be prepared enough for this stage.
    Third, only the life partner of a person takes care of him during old age rest all relations leave with time.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Monika Kushwaha,
    If the couple is married, they can stay together in their old age. They can take care of them even though the children are not taking care of them.
    After living together for some time they may marry or may not. These days we are seeing more divorce cases. In such conditions, how two unmarried people can stay together for long? Chances are very less.
    A couple once married will develop a combined attitude and they will adjust to each other. I have seen some young people who never compromise with each other even after marriage also. Such people if stay together without marrying definitely they can't go together for long.

    always confident

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    The living together or live-in relationship is not fit for India as our culture is different from other western countries. We value human beings and respect our relationship. We Indians lead a meaningful life with a system called 'Family' which is badly missing in the western world. Western culture spoils our Indian culture with such live-in a relationship without being married. As rightly pointed out by Mr. Rao, who will be with us at life's end. The live-in relationship might be sweet in the beginning and later it would be utterly bitter. Let us be good Indians following our own good culture. The old Indian couples are happy and live in a companionship till their last breathe.

    What will be life on earth without tasting the good and odds in life! Live-in relationships wants to see only joy and pleasure in life.

    No life without Sun

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    Unfortunately in India we are not yet grown up to understand the importance live-in relationship and those who tried to break the ice are being targeted by groups which are against such arrangement in the society of arranged marriage which is widely accepted. I know some people are vexed with ordinary way of living want a partner who can be a temporary arrangement in life and not a real life partner. For some they want a company to speak and dine and when it comes to long lasting relations still they are hesitating to continue. The house owner, the family, the society are not habituated to such type of arrangement and thus they look through the evil eyes. Moreover some gated community and apartments are not allowing such relations to exist as they feel would influence the youth to be diverted to new way of life.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Living together concept is not originated from India but this concept would not be a bad idea to pass life peacefully with the psychological support of a partner. Now the living in relationship advertisements are being seen in leading newspapers having no restriction of age. These advertisements even encourage the old people to initiate such a relationship. There is also the scope of the senior citizens having crossed 70 or more to look for an alliance for the living in relationship.
    Though it may look bizarre of having established such relationships. In some cases, there is no harm to look for a partner for an aged man if his wife has passed away sometime back leaving her children in their settled lives. If a suitable match even in this age is possible, one must not be afraid of the negotiation because of social stigma. This would prove to be a psychological support and exchange of ideas between the two could enhance their pleasure and longevity . It is always better to make the life meaningful with the choice of a like minded partner to make the life more pleasurable.

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    Life in relationship is acceptable for a certain time until the career is set. Once they stand on their feet, it is better to engage in family relationships. Children are taken care of by parents until they grow. Once they get their true wings, it's difficulty to cling on to them or divert them from their choices. Hence parents of present days are also mindful in engaging themselves into a live-in relationship, once they reach the old age. Money places a role in between the relationships and love, affection has lost its path.
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    Live in relationship is common in big cities of India now. Another more advanced trend is getting popular among youngsters- is 'Friend with benefits'. In this new social system the young generation is invited to enjoy sex with friends and hooked-up ones. As you can have only one girl friend at a time or you can live in relationship with only one girl at a time but what about other beautiful girls in your friend circle or those who are sluts, so how you can enjoy sex with them. 'Friend with benefits' gives you this opportunity to enjoy sex with innumerable sluts at a time. All this disgusting garbage from west is liked by many of us.

    Pre-marital or extra marital relationship is also common in our society but perpetrators realize that their relationship is taboo as well as considered as a sin in Indian society but rub is that the western culture has legitimized it and we've accepted it.

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    In western countries there has been the individual privacy is maintained practically and no dependency of each other. But in our country living together in young age can be done by having modernization in mind. But the same cannot be maintained till old age as before reaching their mentality would change. Even married couple of present days do not hold more years. By seeing the crowd before the entrance of the family courts we can come to an idea that how the patience works out in youngsters in the present era.

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