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    Attend to repairs or replace in time

    In every home we confront with small problems or leakages and breakage and that needs to be attended forthwith otherwise the problem would aggravate. For example the leakage water tap pipes , the blinking tube lights, the gas stove glowing problems , broken chairs, broken cots are some of the things which need to be attended. Normally we tend to postpone such repairs because the plumber or electrician would not accept piece jobs but for us it requires urgent attention. If you cannot repair any thing which has the nagging problem, replace them with new things.
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    A stitch in time saves nine. If we are not attending the repair in time the problem will get aggravated. It may become difficult. The problem which can be corrected with just a nail may require an axe if we don't attend the same. This is true in all cases. Replacing old ones for small repairs may not be correct. We will be wasting our resources. So we should concentrate on the repair and see that it will be carried out in time. We have to follow up with the mechanic and see that he will carry out the repair in time. When the cost of the repair is very high and if it is more than 50% of the cost of the new item, then we can think of purchasing the new one. If an exchange is allowed you can give the old item and accordingly the cost of the new item will get reduced.
    But these days many people are not going for repairs but they are changing the item with a new one. This is Ok if the items are small and cost less. Taps, parts of tube lights etc, can be replaced easily. But costly items should be used for a long time by getting it repaired.

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