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    Who ever likes you may not be the real liker

    We wrongly gauge some people as the real friend by virtue of their liking towards us. May be they like us to achieve their unfinished goal or tasks. Suppose you have a vehicle and the person who does not have the vehicle would love to friend you so that he or she would get the lift when ever sought. That means their temporary requirement of help has been addressed and they would even forget us. And the neighbors also pretend to be our great followers and fans but in reality they need to maintain good relation for help now and then. What is your view on this?
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    True. Many people never speak their heart out. They will have something in their mind but they talk something outside. They may be very friendly to you for some reason. Why Karna is a friend to Duryodhana? Duryodhana is aware that Arjuna is a great warrior and none of their brothers can compete with him. So when he has seen Karna he thought he will be useful to him. So he became a friend to him by giving Anga Rajya. Karna accepted the friendship of Duryodhana as he has given him a Kingdom and made him the king. That means that there is some vested interest in their friendship.
    A true friend will never expect anything from his friend and at the same time, a real friend will never hesitate to give anything he can give to his friend when there is a need. But such friends are very less. we should be able to identify the real friends and we should always try to be a real friend.

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    A friend in need is a friend in deed. We can find out the worth of a person or friend in times of adversity. Some people will remain with us in our bad times also and in fact they are our real friends.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Most of the people on this Earth are selfish by nature and would hover around you only to get their work done and then become indifferent to your gestures. This is a fact of the life and we must understand this and should not be impressed with such fake behaviour done with us. It is easy to say so but very difficult to identify these persons in the beginning itself as they would impress you with their sweet and soft talks mostly in your praise. If you are in some influential position then more such people will woo you and like to have friendship with you only to cash it at some occasion.
    Knowledge is power.

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