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    Do you get flattened with social media likes and favorable comments

    Most of us are very much active on social media platforms and we share images, messages, videos and gifs as we get from some source. Once the post has been uploaded , we keep on watching the trends of likes and comments and we get more enthusiasm on getting the favorable comments and get perturbed over the bad comments. But what I feel there are certain people on the Internet who are always giving worst comments much to the chagrin of the author and thus deeply hurt them with such words which are not printable. Why such replies are allowed on social media?
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    Appreciation is indeed something which is required by all of us everyday. Talking about social media, although a completely fake platform which could see faces with makeups and flattering smiles yet those are posted by people to gain appreciation.
    Most of the people are lonely from within these days, the result is that for getting rid of their depression they post pictures so that they can get encouraged by the compliments.

    But some people always write unworthy, sometimes even cheap and disgusting, and most of the time negative remarks.
    Till the time a remark isn't vulgar we can accept it. As critics are also required for our enhancement. For vulgar comments we have an option to report. If simultaneously a person's comment are reported by nine different profiles, that person's profile is blocked forever by the site.
    We can easily handle critics by showing our boosted confidence. In case we show arrogance or dislike or irritation for that particular remark, the critic would repeat that out of satisfaction he had got.
    We need to be little diplomatic while giving replies to such comments.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    In social media, one should be able to accept and tolerate good and bad comments. It is the opinion posted by the readers. What is worth to me may not be worth to others. However, people should respect others and avoid using indecent, abusive, and absurd language. I always try to post my frank opinion about the posts. I call a spade a spade with good words. At times, I hint it indirectly to make them realize.
    No life without Sun

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    Comments are based on the content posted by people. It all depends on their understanding and analysis on the message written, photos viewed.
    If it is positive, will encourage us. If it is negative we try to raise the issue.

    Lead the leader

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    I am not that active on social media. Only I see Facebook once in a while and I follow WhatsApp messages regularly. My activity on WhatsApp is also very less. So I never see comments and likes of my posts. I will not post something every day. I do that very rarely and I even never look for likes and comments. But Facebook will be sending alerts and those alerts will tell me the statistics. A matured person will not get existed by hearing the appreciations of others. He knows whether he deserves that or not. If somebody is sincerely appreciating you, you will get motivated and you will be working at a better level. That way appreciations are very good for our performance improvement. This appreciation will do miracles if you take them properly.,
    We should also take negative comments also positively. If we can get some clue for further improvement we should try for that. If there is no stuff in the comment just ignore it. But we should analyse all the comments before ignoring them.

    always confident

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