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    Which section of ISC fetches more organic page views daily or monthly?

    ISC is a big platform and it is known for its slogan, Earn and Learn or Learn and Earn. I wonder what are the daily organic views of ISC ? What are those sections? Is that section job, article, or forum?
    Can webmaster share this matter with us? This is just a question out of curiosity.
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    Some sites will show the count the visitors and display the number on the screen. When we open a site it says you are visitor number so and so today. But that facility is not there on this site. ISC may have the count but that is not shown anywhere. Probably that is their policy.
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    I think it has to be the articles and ask expert sections, because they are open ended. They come up as search results. Forum posts too, at times, I have seen appearing when I search keywords. Maybe these three sections in the said order fetch organic views more.
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    My guess is that Ask Experts section must be getting the highest number of visits by the surfers or the searchers. Today everyone has a question in mind and it is easy to find the answer in such sections which are existing in the internet since quite a long time. Next could be the article section or job section.
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    In the present situation where most of them have lost their jobs, are in search of new opportunities for their living. Hence job posts are most traffic oriented section. Next comes the ask expert section and articles.
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