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    Can cinema industry flourish after restricted approval from the Government?

    Cinema industry is an industry with a huge crowd of employees in various production activities. The Government has permitted the cinema industry to work under certain rules and regulations. Social distance and sanitizers, usage of masks are the key elements. Can the producers consider all these aspects to start the production work?

    This is the biggest challenge ever faced by the multi-millionaire industry empowering the people to shade them with food and shelter.

    Can they produce a skit or even a serial? What will be the problems faced in the actual field by this industry?
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    Already serials shooting and broadcasting also started on all channels. All the serials on all the channels stopped after declaring the lockdown. So all the channels stopped showing those serials. They started showing old serials and old programs only. After the government has given permission all the serials shootings started and now they are being shown on all the channels.
    But Cinemas are going a little slow I think as they require more people at the shooting places and gatherings will be more. So there will be a risk. At the same time halls are not restarted for showing the movies. So there will not be any new releases. So they may go slow and it will take some time for them to come to the original position.
    But I feel they will bounce back to the normal position once the virus problem reduced and normalcy established in society. This 20202 will be like this and no new movie releases. 2021 we may have cinema halls and cinema shows in that.

    always confident

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    TV shootings started in Telugu states but there were reports that few people got infected with Covid-19. So after seeing this, both TV and Cine units got feared about starting of shootings in full flunge.

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    Every sector and every person is affected by the special situation. When they are following reluctantly, murmuring, under compulsion and necessity due to non-availability of any alternative, Cinema industry has also to follow the guidelines and function with restrictions.
    People are not able to conduct marriages, visit temples and worship places. People are not able to visit doctors and hospitals. Let those things come to normal. Cinema also will come back.
    There will be some changes in many things in our life. Such changes are needed and always happening

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    Working under restrictions is tough but once it is of paramount importance then they have to abide by it. Initially it would appear to be a difficult task to work under those boundaries but with time everyone would get accustomed to it.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Cinema industry is one place where people work in close association. The make up man, the costume helper, the service boy, extra artists in a large number etc work in close proximity and have to be very much alert on the aspect of virus spread in today's pandemic situation. They can start their work as an experiment and if they find difficulty then they might have to postpone their plans for some time in future. Many industries have suffered immensely due to the present virus threat and they are searching alternative ways to save their business. It is a difficult time for the cinema industry.
    Knowledge is power.

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