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    Are there really 7 people who look similar to us?

    In many movies we might have heard the dialogue that there exist 7 people who look similar to us. Except in case of twins I have never seen such people. One more dialogue we might have heard that all the Mongoloid people look similar. I have asked the same question to one of my former Chinese colleague that you all Chinese people look similar. But that guy said you all Indians look similar and it is very difficult to identify you people. He may also be true because even we cannot identify our relatives if we have seen him once or twice. Because of such confusion, the concept of existence of 7 people who look similar to us might have come out. Or Do the 7 people really exist?
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    There are crores of crores lives on earth from an insect to a human being. When they die, their soul doesn't die, but their body only. Every soul has to take another birth immediately on their death. During that process human being takes birth seven times. That birth comes in sequence one after the other for seven times. A human being has to live their life as seven characters. They are - 1. Politician 2. Industrialist and businessman 3. Rich and landlords 4. Salaried class 5.Entertainers. 6. Low class and beggars 7. Transgenders.
    We don't know whether we have lived and completed all the other six births, or we are yet to take such births, or we have completed some and yet to complete some.

    This is what I thought yesterday, and I am sharing it with you all.

    Out of 600 crore population in this world, there may not be one SuN but many similar-looking SuNs spread around the world with different names.

    No life without Sun

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    I heard people saying that there will be 7 people who are similar. But how far it is true I don't know. I have never seen two people exactly identical except for twins. My next brother resembles me in many ways. Once I was travelling in a train. In the opposite seat, a middle-aged lady was sitting. She was seeing at my face and trying to talk something. But she is not talking. Then she took her phone and talking to somebody and when heard the name she called I thought the other side was my brother. She was asking the other side whether his brother was travelling on that train. Then the asked me are you the brother of so and so. yes. I said. My brother works in SBI and she was also SBI. Then she started talking to me. We travelled together up to Vijayawada and she got down there. There may be people with some similarities but 100% replica may not be there except for twins is my opinion.

    I think when we were not in regular touch recognising the other person may be difficult but we can understand whether he belongs to our country or not.

    always confident

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