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    Domestic violence during the lockdown

    We live in a society where we consider home a safe place; it is not safe for all, especially women.

    In fact, with continuous lockdown in place, there has been a consistent rise in domestic violence cases. All across the globe, domestic violence sufferers are more exposed and at-risk to a furiously another level of violence. In India, an urgent alert on the rising domestic violence cases the National Commission for Women (NCW) has proposed since the national lockdown started. Domestic violence comprises a pattern of sexual, physical, psychological, financial, and emotional abuse. Acts of attack, fulminations, humiliation, and intimidation are viewed as an act of violence. Therefore, we need to spread awareness about domestic violence and take action when we witness such cases.
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    Yes. All the people are staying in the house only 24 X 7. No entertainment except TV. People are getting frustrated. In that frustration, some people are behaving rudely. That is the reason for domestic violence. Majority cases are about the sufferings of ladies but there are instances where gents also suffered.
    The major problem came when liquor shops are opened. Many people are not having liquor for many days as shops are closed. They don't have money to buy them also. But when the shops are opened many people are not able to stop drinking but they don't have many. Then they started pressurising the ladies and took the gold from them. There are many cases like this. These cases are more in Villages.
    It is not correct to go for such acts and we should not make somebody to suffer from our cruel actions. I feel ladies also should learn and start telling answers to the acts of gents so that they will be under check. Otherwise, these cases will increase.

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    Domestic violence was already existing in the society and probably it is now fuelled by the lockdown conditions. During lockdown the males who have dominant attributes would not help the housewives and demand all services to be done by them. Some housewives would keep quiet and do the things mechanically but some of them might not tolerate any non-sense in this matter and might react back and then to show the supremacy of male characters it could happen that the males mishandle or misbehave with the women in house. So, it is a serious matter if such things are actually happening in some of the households. All the family members have to fight against such type of cruelties or highhandedness by males in the family.
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    Finance is the basic elements required for the smooth functioning of either family or business. Housewives use a lot of strategies to cut down on expenses and use their skills to save but this lockdown has made them empty-handed. This disturbs the family environment with discussions on wants and needs raising to conflicts, humiliation, especially women face it the most. Patience, love and affection are the tools to overcome such issues.
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    Violence wherever it is, whatever way it is perpetrated is to be condemned and stopped. Violence in civil society cannot be justified whatever be the reason for it. When violence increases then we have to understand that society is becoming sick in mind.
    Coming to the matter of domestic violence, it used to be there earlier also in many houses and mostly it was due to drinking habit of the male members. Then there were some other reasons also contributing to that like misbehaviour of one or other member in the house, helplessness due to poverty and sickness and blaming one another for that and marital mismatch . However it used to be tolerated for the sake of children, for common umbrella of a family. The help of elder members and relatives in the family helped to do fire fighting and salvage the situations. After a few years of co-habiting the spouses also become mature and more accommodative and tolerant to each other and the domestic quarrels may come down also.
    But at present both partners working and earning, both partners drinking, education and awareness of women making them not to suffer lying down and even retaliating, extra marital relationships on the increase etc have become contributing factors for more domestic quarrels and leading to violence. Domestic quarrels are not just between spouse, but between siblings, parents and children etc too. Nowadays intoxication is caused not just by alcoholic drinks, but by various chemical drugs. Erosion of values, humans growing selfish and self centred, becoming impatient and emotional with slight provocation, difference between expectation and achievement etc. are modern day contributors to domestic violence.

    The Covid lockdown situation has compelled people to be at home almost all time. People don't have a outlet literally and in spirit too. It is an old saying "familiarity breeds contempt'. So this working, even small things lead to frayed tempers and lead to quarrels and violence as people are simply frustrated and helpless due to various reasons. That is why domestic violence has increased during lockdown.

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    Domestic violence exists worldwide, however, it's experienced in lower class of the society on large scale where women face it because of them being socially downtrodden, weak, husband is like a god type mentality but in upper class, generally, men face injustice or cruelty from women. Reason is that upper class women are self reliant, educated, wealthy, aware of laws, women empowerment and ability to misuse the law.

    Social injustice and domestic violence can't be justified from any angle whether it's man or woman who suffers and victimized by opposite gender.

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    It is true that domestic violence cases has increased many fold due to lock down. Domestic violence exists throughout world but it situation varies from country to country. If it happens in foreign countries then police comes in action very fast but in our country nobody take any action. Now-a-days, there are various factor responsible for domestic violence such as money, poverty, unemployment, liquor addiction so on. These days, most of the people are passing through financial crisis due to which fighting starts within family member. Moreover, in some family gents person show always dominant nature over female person. They treat like mid wife instead of helping in household work. I have noticed that liquor addiction has been main cause for domestic violence in Indian family due to which many killing incident happened in last three month. Beside this, round the clock staying at home gives depression and frustration leads to fighting.

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