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    Is it good or bad to give fullfreedom to post anything in social portals?

    There are so many popular social portals in India where some portals have strict control over the portals in publishing content while some other portals give full freedom for their members to post anything. For example, our ISC has got strict control over content it is publishing in its portal. In Quora any body can post anything and there is no restrictions in it. When we go through that portal we will be astonished to see unusual comments and discussions on even higher personalities of our country or any other state. Are such web portals don't face legal issues? Some people argue such a freedom is necessary for them to express anything freely. In AP, government taking serious action on people who forward any messages against the government in social sites. Is it good or bad to give full freedom to post anything in social web sites.
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    Unbridled freedom is not good in anything, unless of course those who use the freedom practice the best self control and moderation, in place of mandatory restrictions and regulations and stay within expected limits. That is a very ideal situation.
    When full freedom is given, people may interpret freedom according to their own version and that will create problems for others. Rules and restrictions, moderation and censoring are implemented so that the content output is acceptable to the accepted and expected levels of decency, civility, prudence, discretion and nationality allegiance, and compliance to rule of law.
    As far as ISC is concerned generally most of the members follows self moderation and stay within the expected boundaries. Once in a while the problem of interpreting according to one's own version happens and at that time the editors step in and moderate.
    I am not a member in Quora, but had come across the question and answers there while searching net for some matter. Within that much experience, I did not see anything objectionable.

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    Freedom-the right to say any message freely. It should be clearly understood by the individual who is posting the message in social media. If this is not checked and corrected, they loose the discipline just like students corrected by teachers.
    The level of thinking, patriotism, respecting other individuals will also be lost. Restrictions limit their method of presenting not their thoughts.
    In ISC also we should first respect each other as individuals. Rules are here to improve our presentation, writing techniques to master over the subject.

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    There are may sites where there is no moderation or editing of the data or posts and if there is some objection the site removes it immediately. This is happening in many sites in internet. Some people are taking advantage of this freedom and posting whatever they want. This should somehow requires control and monitoring. It is making some of the sites actually an ugly place and many people have left going to them in disgust.
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    Freedom is required but the user should know how far he can use that. You have freedom of speech but you can't scold the other person without any reason. Even reason is there also you should scold him. You can do anything with your property but you can't put your house on fire as the neighbouring houses will also catch fire.
    Same is the case in social media also. Because the visitors to these sites are not knowing the limits editing is becoming necessary. You have no right to criticise others without knowing the facts and you are not the judge to decide who is at fault. But many people may ignore these posts and may not give much weightage.
    Some people take seriously and try to go to courts or take actions. So one should not go for such posts. I feel we should have some restrictions. Then only we will be in our control. Otherwise, we will be doing all sorts of things and we will invite troubles. Too much freedom is never good for an individual.

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    Some people are biased in their minds and they are posting some misguiding information in the media to distract people from the main issue. This type of posts are doing a lot of harm to the society as people are unnecessarily wasting their time in those unwanted indulgences. Strictly speaking the people should not be allowed to post anything of that sort in the media and it should be moderated by some site authorities. Moderation is essential and such people should be removed from the sites for contributing. Posting insulting and aggressive material posts in the media should be punishable.
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    By the way the social media is fully monitored by the law enforcing agencies in the state and central. For every news appearing on the online, there is a comment box which solicits our views and I have invariably found that Modi govt haters are on the prowl and even use foul languages which is not good. Like wise TRS govt and the TS police are closely watching the social media contents and if anything appears as the rumor or shared something which is not authenticated then the action is taken on the author. So social media contents are not free for all as thought by the author.
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