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    A thing that you love most other than the lives

    There are many things in this world that we like and love. Apart from the lively souls like parents, spouse, siblings, children, relatives, friends, animals, pet animals and birds etc. Which is that thing that you love most in this world?
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    I love my Mobile phone. It is everything for me. It is a good companion. It connects me to people. It is self-explanatory. I need not say anything more than this.
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    It is good that the author has already provided the live exclusions and that makes the responders job easier. I have certain collection of books, technical notes, some old magazines, and important cuttings from the old magazines where some interesting ideas are mentioned. Now with the internet facility some of that is becoming redundant also and I am time to time discarding some of those old documents but still I have a large collection which I refer time to time for various purposes. So, this is one paramount thing in my life that I love beyond the normal things we like and cherish in our lives.
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    The selection field given is very limited as the author excluded many natural options. The most I like in this world after my life and some of the options given by the author is my small garden in front of my house. This garden is having trees which give good flowers every day to offer them to God during my Pooja. One good thing is during the entire year I will get one or the other flowers as there are 7 to 8 varieties of flowers in the garden. My wife will be taking care of them daily. In the evenings we both will be sitting in our portico and will be discussing the flowers and trees in our small garden. Daily we will be spending some time in that area.
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    For me my desk top computer is more dear than my mobile phone because it is with me since 2007 and it is going with minor repairs now and then. My morning begins with the computer and even in the evenings the usage of computer is there. The whole world is at disposal when I switch on the computer and thus without wasting time on social media I do my work which earns me money and respect. One thing is sure everyone has one attachment or the other with children, pet etc and I have attachment with my children the most and my wonderful computer which is always dear to me.
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    I like to be amidst children which reduces stress and we can learn so many things every day from them. It is a good energizer besides that I like to listen and sing some bits of old songs which are my favourite.
    You have considered all the family constraints so we cannot add. The mobile phone is a part of our life so if we like or don't like we have to keep it close to us just the two-wheelers keeping the vehicle keys and helmets with them. These days we need to keep the sanitizers and extra masks with us.

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    The thread asks us to name those inanimate things that we love next after our relatives, friends and pets.
    To know whether we love something, we have to ask ourselves the question whether we will feel sad on losing or missing it. And, whether we will do our best to get them back.
    If I think in that way then I can say that it is my certificates, money and savings, important identity proof cards etc. Then come all the other possessions which we paid for and bought.
    But before all these comes our reputation and good name. Sometimes this comes up above many other things.

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    Being a housewife I love order and discipline in my kitchen and house. I am very particular about keeping things back in their place after use and I cannot tolerate any indiscipline in this matter. I always remind family members about these things.
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    Previously and even at some times now also I like my PC most because most of the times I spend most of my leisure time happily with it. I bought this PC very long back around 2007. But after advent of Smartphone I am spending more lesiure time with it.

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