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    Do we need robots to serve customers?

    A robot serving the customers in a restaurant, can you imagine this situation? This is the scene in a Thailand restaurant which was captured in the cameras of the newspaper, Times of India during February itself. This facility is not available in India.

    Since corona is spreading its arms into all the nooks and corners of the cities in most of the states of India. Should we take support from low-cost robots to save the lives of people? This can be used to support the customers in huge crowded areas.

    Do you need these robots? Then hotels and restaurants can go on wheels to provide nutritious food to all areas without the fear of corona. This methodology can improve the immunity of citizens at their homes itself. It can be used in Mall and shopping centres too.

    Do we need robots to serve customers? Suggest your opinion.
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    Normally in a populous country it is foolish to do things like that as unemployment would be further aggravated but today the situation is different and to avoid person to person contact these robots would be a great facility. I do not think that using them in normal times makes any sense.
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    Robotics in the restaurant has been in the news for some time serving people food but it can not be a successful one. It directly hampers the livelihood of people who want to work and serve in hotels and restaurants. It is ok to have such a technological advancement in a country but entirely depending upon such robots is unfair. Robots can't take the role of humans though it seems a bit fascinating and novel thing. There is an emotional bond between a customer and employees in a restaurant, robots can't fulfil that emotional connection. Robots are machines, it may do some small thing but entirely can't be accepted in society.

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    The science and technology is advancing in a rapid pace and it is very difficult to ignore the atomisation that is somehow entering in our lives silently and secretly. This is join to be a part of our lives one day. One of the businessmen, my friend, told me that if they get machines to do the work then they do not require humans because humans are by nature problem creators and always ask for salary raise and things like that. Robots are silent servants and do the jobs repeatedly without any complaint. So the future war is going to be between the unemployed people and these machines.
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    For any issues, there will be two sides. We will have some advantages and at the same time, we will have some disadvantages also. We may have to balance both and then make a correct decision of using or discarding.
    In a country like India, where the population is very high and people are there without any jobs, replacing the people with robots may not be a wise idea. This is 100% true when normal conditions prevail. But at the present moment, we are worried about the Corona Virus and we are not ready to go out and take the risk. Under such conditions, Robots may be a wise move in place of human beings in certain jobs. But all jobs can't be done by a robot. If you take the example of food in hotels, as told by the author waiters can be replaced with robots. But what about cooks. Robots can not cook on their own without a human being getting involved. So by eliminating waiters you are not 100% sure that virus will not spread. But if you avoid outside food 100%, you are sure that there is no Corona threat from food. So let us not take the risk of eating out for some more time.

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    Robots cannot be used in every business and especially the hotel business needs the personal connection with the customer and robots cannot create the personal relation with the customers. However robots can be used in super markets, delivering things to VIP's who feel elated with robots service. However the use of robots cannot make sure that we are free from corona. It is the new technology to which people get fascinated by its service but how far it can help the business cannot be estimated now. Wherever the human touch is needed, robots cannot give that expression and hence failure.
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    Using robots to serve customers is definitely going to happen in the future if not now. This is a kind of inevitable technology improvement. I have recently read in news in a hospital in Tamil Nadu robots have been used to serve food to COVID patients. In places where there repeated tasks, we can definitely use robots. Using them in restaurants is definitely a good option and I am pretty sure this is going to happen in the future. But the only thing is their use should be limited.

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    I think maybe robots are only suitable for repetitive tasks, many people can still do better

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