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    Ever Helpful Worry Box in the School

    In my class, a girl who was sitting on the last bench these days earlier used to sit in the front row. She looked anxious and in a hurry all the time. Once she was a good student but nowadays her performance was gradually declining day by day. Nobody knew the reason for her anxiety. Despite asking so many times, she shared-nothing, neither to any of her friends nor me. I was teaching in this school for a long time so I was well aware of the performance of that girl. And somehow I wanted to take her back on track and start thinking to know the reason for her anxiety hence discussed the matter with the Principal. She suggested calling her parents. I dropped a message in her notebook. But it didn't work.

    I read somewhere on the internet that there is some concept of keeping "Worry Box" inside the classrooms in some schools. However, our school was not following this. Then I convinced the Principal to keep a box called "Worry Box" in the classroom and instruct all the students to share their worries in writing and dropped to the box. We also assured them that nobody all of us will share nobody's problem hence; everybody has to share their worries. We set timelines for two days for putting their worries in the box.

    On the third day, when the box was opened, we all were surprised that every child had some worry. After sharing their worries, they seemed relaxed and much secured. Then we shared their worries personally with their parents. The idea worked well to reduce the stress of the students and the school put "Worry Box" in each class.

    My entry to the A school box - creative writing contest.
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    An exclusively unique idea suggested by the author relating to the counselling of the students in school. Connecting the child's problem to worry box is really a good effort which every teacher should discuss to solve. You are just in time for the contest on school box with your story.
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    Many problems faced and suffered by school children are nowadays known due to the alertness of teachers and counsellors, as there is a system of counselling and counsellors in every school.
    The 'worry box' is a good system for children to express their problem without exposing their identity to all. The success of such system depends on the confidentiality of matters dealt with and protecting the identity of the victim/ sufferer from further vilification or revenge.
    There are lot of measures taken and implemented in schools to reduce worries and stress of young students.

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    Students stress level is increasing day by day and the worries to complete the task is also increasing and the author has connected the topic with worry box in awesome way.
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    A good idea. Worry box. I heard about a complaint box, suggestion box etc. But worry box is a new point for me. Many people may not express their problems to other people directly but they can write on a piece of paper and give it to somebody. This is observed many times. It is good that the idea worked well and the students might have been sorted out their problems once the same was informed to their parents by the teachers. I hope the girl sitting in the last bench also dropped a paper in worry box mentioning the reasons for her worry and her problem also got sorted out. A good narration from the author.
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    Interesting narration by the author providing a worry box in the classroom and children can give their worries to the box and get relaxed. These are actually psychological techniques to make children realise that they have shared their worry and now it is worry for everyone though in reality nothing like that actually happened. In our lives we many times share our worries with our fast friends and after that we get a bit relaxed as they have come to know about our worries and give us all sort of sympathy and concern. Some children share their worries with the parents also who take the things more seriously.
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    It is becoming a common trend that we hear that children are very stressed or worried but we do not understand what's wrong? Everyone complains that the load on children is increasing as compared to olden times but I have not seen much change except the additional project works. Every period has its own changes but it is how we bring up the children. Earlier, we had many members in our family and we would be closed to someone who would know every move of us and would be always on our side to support and even scold if we are wrong. As our family became nuclear and parents working to make both ends meet and give a better life to their children, the best times is being lost as they feel left out. As parents or teachers, we need to make or give time to our children, be with them, play with them, speak with them, enjoy some time with them, try to make them comfortable so that they would be able to speak their heart out in any situation. Our children are having a wide range and we need to keep them safe from things that are dangerous and make them understand the right and wrong of things so that they know the reason for a No! instead of just shouting at them. A good post for the contest.
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