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    Are you still using Windows XP version for your PC?

    Windows XP version is the most popular version in computer history. After that Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows 8, Windows 10. Microsoft company quickly discontinued giving updates for Windows 7 and Windows 8. So now the present operating version is Windows 10. Unlike Windows XP, Microsoft company discontinuining new versions quickly. Usually every OS has 10 years life span. Recently I have read a news item where I found even today a very large number of people using windows XP operating system. I have used free versions of all the operating systems released by Microsoft. At present I am using Windows 10 free version. Have any body still using Windows XP version and how it is working without updates? What are the other versions you used and the present version you are using?
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    I discontinued Windows XP a few years ago when it was announced that there will not be further support for XP. That was the time of Windows 8(8.1) and changed to that on buying a new desktop. Now I am using Windows 10.
    But of all the versions of Windows, I will say that XP was the best and most user friendly. I have found that 10 not at all transparent and there are a lot happening hidden from our view and notice.
    XP was more than sufficient for people like me with just basic essential uses.

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    Windows XP was one of the widely used and successful operating systems. I have also used it long back and then switch to vista for a few months and then quickly moved to Windows 8. Having used version 8 for some time I have switched to Windows 10 a year back I guess. It is advised not to use Windows XP anymore as there is no official support from Microsoft. And what this means is the operating system is vulnerable to malware and other attacks from hackers there losing our data and exposing confidential items. I have seen some shops using this OS in their billing machine and I would say definitely they are at risk.

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    I was using it till about 2 years back and I did not have any problem as it worked nicely. I did not need any up gradation also probably as my use was limited to a few applications and limited to copying files to pen drive for printing etc. For me the experience of using XP was very smooth. After that as I discarded my old laptop and bought new one there is no issue as the version in the new one is the Windows 10 only.
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    Over the past few months I am using the Window 10 but prior to that I was using the XP which was user friendly. Since I use the desk top the new version of Window 10 is almost working on par with the XP but I found the speed in retrieving the information through XP was good and the working was smooth. So from the responses given by the members no one is using the XP now as it was not supporting the system. As the technology grows, we are forced to discard the old version and go for the new one. Surely this Window 10 may be stopped some day and asked to go for higher version.
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    I am using Windows XP on my desktop held in my village house in TN, and I am using Windows 10 on my Laptop in Bengaluru. Both are fit and perfect. I am much comfortable with XP. Initially, I had some difficulty with Windows 10, and now I am quite comfortable.
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    From the last one year, I am having windows 10 on my laptop and I am using that only. I used windows XP version before that. I used the same for quite a long time and I never had any problem with that. For me, XP has given very good service and I like more that version. As those days the laptop was provided to me by the company. the version is getting updated as and when it was released and our IT section is taking care of that. But recently I stopped working full time and I purchased a laptop personally. This laptop is having Windows 10 version and hence I am using that only.
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