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    School box culture is life's asset

    Mihir had come back from his office. He entered searching for Meena, his wife, in the bedroom and saw her sitting there beside an open window. The Sun had set, and the room was almost dusky, but Meena seemed to be in another world. It bothered Mihir, and he softly patted Meena. She got a little surprised and anxiously looked at her hubby. Her eyes disturbed Mihir further, and so, he inquired about her well-being. Meena confessed that her health was not a problem, but the thought of their son's future bothered her a lot. Mihir immediately asked about the reason behind her worrisome approach.

    Meena says (taking a deep breath): Today is their son, Subham's last day in school. It's their farewell day.

    Mihir: So, why does it bother you? Now, we are parents of almost an adult boy.

    Meena: Mihir, you don't understand what I want to say. You see, till school life, a student's life revolves around his school box. Whatever he learns throughout his years in school remains unadulterated. A child's school box contains precious things for life as books that impart academic knowledge also a lesson of sharing with classmates and learning to respect and love others away from home. Thus, the school box is an entire world of learning for a student. It provides food to the child to ask questions and fills hope within them of having their doubts cleared by the teachers. It's such a precious item in a student's life that satiates intellectually and emotionally too. But, the day a student reaches an end of the long school box journey, his life itself becomes a Pandora's box. It's this which is bothering me a lot.

    Mihir: (Till now, he listens patiently). Very softly, he remarks that it happens with every child. Life cannot be stagnant, so with age, Subham needs to see the real world. In school, a child leads a sheltered life, but once he grows up, then he must learn the skills to face the bitter truths of the world, only then he can learn to live.

    Meena: I know it all, still have some fear. When a child carries a school box to and fro, it instils innocence in a child. It imparts the best possible knowledge. It keeps a child in the contact of the most righteous people who are called teachers. They not only educate but teaches the wisdom of life within a place called a school, which is like a second home for the students. The day school life ends, and students leave their school box culture, it seems all the evils in this world have come out in the open and are waiting to victimize them. No hope seem to be around because negativity is widespread.

    Mihir: Oh! Dear, you are in extreme agony. A school box practice always teaches to aspire something big and proper, and that works like a hope for a child. Life after school is indeed full of torment, agony, falsehood, mockery and much more, but we shouldn't be afraid of it. When will our school box culture come in use? We know what the world has in store for the innocent school leaving kids. That's when we, the parents, who know the difference well would come to their rescue. It's our school box culture, and post-school experience will guide Subham to achieve his dream with dignity. You know, Meena, the school box culture never dies. It's an asset which continues from one generation to another. Those who stray away from pure school box culture to the evils of worldly life lacks guidance from their elders. So, relax and let Subham grow in such a way that he learns to carve the right path for himself.

    Meena: Thanks a lot, dear Mihir. Your sensible words have taken away all my worries. Yes, let Subham see, judge and choose the righteous path for himself.

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    A very good write up. It is true what we learn in our school will come in use throughout our life. Not that once we are out of school what we learned there will not come in use. The school education moulds a kid and makes him a responsible citizen. So we should see that our kids will learn all the good points and also he should learn what is good and bad. If these points are there in his mind he will be a good citizen in his lifetime. Once you teach these things to your kids, you need not worry about his future. But learning these good qualities after school studies is difficult as the mind of the kid will get tuned to some way of life.
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    A parent really worries for the future of the child in each and every phase of life. As rightly suggested it the knowledge gained teaches them how to look into the future. The lessons learnt will be a guide to realise the difference between good and bad deeds. A few lessons are learnt through experience also.

    We can compare this to a running race where only a few participants win the race. A few fall but still understand the process of life through support from parents. The students who fall also inculcate it to life lessons when they grow up.

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    The story narrates a mother's fear of her son's future turning from school box to Pandora's box- nice imagination and usage.
    Whether it is as serious as the story tells or not, I was one who did not like the plus two classes being attached to school. I felt it was good to be continued as a preparatory college buffer. I had my plus one and plus two educations-which was called Pre-Degree then- in college. That was a feeling of growing into adulthood getting freedom for the mind to think freely getting a lot of inputs. It was like an opening to wide opportunities. Mainly it was liberation from the staid stereotyped uniforms and flying free as colourful butterflies.
    A properly brought up and guided student will not have to be worried about Pandora's Box nor will need to stick to a school box.

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    I just read a quote that goes this way, "A mother is always a mother..She never stops worrying about her children even when they are all grownups" and this is what is depicted in the write-up presented by the triter for the contest. It is always a worry for the parents of growing children as they complete their school box to Pandora's box. The world is not the same as we think when we watch it from the school window but it has many ups and downs and a school is just a place where it teaches us to know or distinguish between the good and bad, right and wrong, winning and losing, dreaming and making it work, etc. When we are in school, we are under shelter and protection of our parents, family, teachers and others but when we pass-out from school, it is like breaking out of the eggshell and now, we need to learn how to survive in this world. The story is correct and the one that takes place in everyone's life either now or after some time but is common thing that is being followed from parent to parent but knowing that this is how life is designed will make it easy for parents to be calm and make their children learn to survive in the world on their own.
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