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    Many ISC members contributing during midnight. Sleep first content next

    When I see the responses being made by some members of this site, the time mentioned in their post refers to their midnight sharing of responses and threads. That means those members are not getting the sleep in time and they allocating that time to share the content with this site. Sleep is must for everyone to be fit next day. The contents can be posted in the morning also but by compromising the sleep the members are inviting the problems to them health wise and that should be avoided. ISC respects your contents at any time of the day.
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    What you are saying is an old theory. The world has changed. There was a time when there was only a day to work and night to rest. Now it is entirely different. We work day and night. The world works in shifts. Day and night shifts, eight hourly shift, or six hourly shift. Therefore, the time to sleep and rest differs. Also, the age that matters. The olds don't get sleep easily. They sleep during the day and keep awake during the night. They go to bed only after midnight. Not only the olds, but also the youngsters.

    Remember, the member posting after midnight must have slept well during the day. They keep ISC busy 24x7.

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    The author has initiated a very interesting discussion and it has many angles to look upon it. Some people since their student life are habituated to sleep late may be around 12 PM or 1 AM or even 2 AM and that becomes a habit of sort. Now some of them have joined ISC which is an educational site and you have to concentrate and focus before you churn out some significant content or material worth publishing. This becomes more important when it is a contest time. If the member is contributing on the last day then the 12 PM of that day becomes the target time before which one has to somehow complete the entry. So there could be many other reasons for people working late but this is entirely a personal matter and a choice of the individual. It is difficult to change these habits even if we know that they are detrimental to our health. I am also a victim of these indulgences and in spite of alarm given by my doctor I am not able to reform myself.
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    These are all the choices of the Individual. Everyone will have a plan for the day. They will plan the works according to their convenience. I sleep at 10 PM and get up at 6 AM. So I plan all my activities for that day in such a way that they will be completed by that time. But my son sleeps at 12 Midnight and gets up at 8 AM. That is his habit. He will be getting phone calls from his boss and colleagues till that time. Some times he will have online meetings also. For him, there is no choice. As he is habituated to sleep late if there is no official work on someday also, he can't sleep early. So he will be doing something on his computer.
    Why I gave this example is to make a point that the timing of the action will depend on the working needs. We should be flexible and see that we utilise the time effectively and to get the maximum benefit.

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