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    Why do I analyse my past in my old age?

    Life starts with childhood dreams and goes through the mid age career and then one gets retired from the active service and then passes his or her time in hobbies or other such pass times and then inches towards the old age slowly and gradually. One sometimes does recollections of things as what one did during the active life and what one could not achieve and things like that. This is the time in life when everyone thinks about the incidents and activities happened and carried out in past. It could be joyous to do so or not it depends on the individual outlook and understandings but memories make us to revisit those things time to time in our old age.

    Sometimes people feel that they could not utilise the life given to them fully and many things were there which could not be completed due to whatever reasons or circumstances etc. It could be the acquisition of higher education or earning more money or having better reputation and fame in the society etc. What is your opinion about this? Should we continue our thoughts like that or simply dismiss them thinking that whatever happened was the best and I am the most satisfied person on Earth as regards to the achievements and other such things that I got in my life. I think even young members can give their valuable comments and opinions on this aspect.
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    Thoughts will be there always and we will review various happenings. This is mainly due to the free time that is available to the people and there is much new points to think off. But the analysis is very important at every stage of life. It is more important for people who are very active in their lives. By analysing the past we can make an action plan for our works on hand. They will be also useful for us when we go for taking decisions for the future.
    But there is no use of getting worried for the past. It had already happened and nobody can change it now. We can't go back in time and correct the things. So we should not worry about the happenings but we should use them as lessons for our coming years. This is very useful for the people who are in jobs. This process of analysis is very useful for them in planning their career. But in old age, I feel it is better to forget all the past and go on reading or praying. That will make us more pleasant and happy. we need not have anything in our mind and we should pass time happily praying God.

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    In fact we must analyse our past on daily basis, that before going to bed we must analyse what ever happened during the day, what was our role in good acts, why we have failed to gauge the bad happenings, why missed the opportunities of the day and so far. By doing such analyse we can determine our own strength and weakness and also take actions for the next day. Sometimes the things are happening beyond our control and aims and thus we cannot predict what is going to happen according to our estimations. One thing is sure no one can change our destiny no matter what ever we make the analysis.
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    Life is a big ocean and we are all like small and medium-sized fishes. Some may be sharks too. We have to check out which all achievements we're left unfulfilled may be due to lack of finance, family problems or so on.
    For example, we have to look out whether we could complete the education now. See that it serves a purpose. If it does not serve any purpose then we can leave it. If it serves the purpose we can put efforts to fulfil and attain the benefits from such incomplete achievements.
    So we can achieve until the fish reaches the shores.

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    I would like to start with the basic point that is taught in economics that human wants are it never get satisfied. When you achieve one goal, the second one is near the door and so on. We may have many opportunities and many misses, it can be due to various reasons like education, background, money, looks, family, relationship, friend circle, on-time decision making, our laziness, our ego, our fear, etc but don't you think that we are also fortunate to have these things even after so many faults, insecurities, etc. When we look at others, we may find that there are many who were more talented than us but are still struggling, there are many who were below us but are at a higher rank, so these are part and parcel of life. Some for good and some for bad but let us not cry over the split milk but enjoy what is there in our kitty. Everyone has their own ups and downs, even the celebrities who have bungalows, fame, luxuries, bank balance, commits suicides and this itself gives us a note that it is not how much you have but the quality of life that you are having. Just feel good that you are fortunate that you have enjoyed your life and be at peace than thinking of the past and ruining the present.
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    At the fag end of our lives we become wiser and prudent and it is natural that we would think that we should had done like that and so on but the thing is that we could only do such a thing if that thought came to us earlier and not today.
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    As we grow and face certain situations our decisions also change accordingly. However, we repent the good old time cannot come back again. It is better to let go of the past and just fall in track with the present to look ahead for our future.
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