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    Migrants returning back to their old jobs

    When migrants were rushing towards their home town few days back there was hue and cry about their future. And in many responses I was predicting the reverse migration that would take place soon as the construction activities were opened and the old pending mason works, painting works, plumbing works, furniture works need to be completed. And now the previous contractors are calling back the migrants from UP and Bihar by booking tickets for them and hence the Railways are earning 100 percent and the reservations are full up to June 30th 2020.
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    Now Corona has become part of our life. Live or die with Corona is the attitude of people, with take it easy policy. Though the infection is on the increase, the death rate is comparatively very low. Hence, the fear has gone from the people's mind. We will continue with our normal life wearing Masks and maintaining social distance.
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    India is nearing the five lakh COVID cases and there seems no respite from this virus. Cases are increasing deaths too. People seem to be ready for a difficult situation. It is going to be a long battle against corona, so people can't sit back without food and water. They have to move out and look for work for their survival. It is good to see workers moving back to work and defeat this virus while on the job.

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    Initially there was a big fear in the minds of the people and no one knew the exact information and details about this infection and there were so many rumours and fake news in the media that people became panicky and fled to their villages and other remote places to save their lives. It always happens like that in these type of threat perceptions when ever they come in our lives. Now after 2-3 months of the start of this pandemic, people are getting a clear picture of mortality rate and chances to avoid it if some precautions are strictly adhered to and after getting that knowledge they are now ready to live with it. Let us see how much successful we become in our endeavour to live with this deadly virus. This seems to be a long journey but adopting to the policy of 'Prevention is better than cure' we might survive during this ordeal.
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    We were in the panic state state in the month of April and May and the graph of increase of corona with the progress of time is steadily going upward giving no clue of its end. People were in the midst of fear and confused because of its rapid expansion. But now some changes are being seen in their attitudes now - with a compromise of this deadly virus. People don't have alternatives for their earnings unless they undertake some jobs to feed themselves along with their family members. Remained confined to their home for the entire day with their family members is not the solution especially when family expenses have to be maintained with the regular work. In such a scenario, they need to change their out look while going out side with the sufficient precaution by wearing the masks constantly and maintaining the safe distance to arrest its spread further. Attending our assignments with the safety measures are the only feasible options.

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    It is better not to die starving for food. Let us test our luck. Go and get the work and earn money. But the same time take all precautions required to avoid the virus may be the most suited policy these days. Many people are struggling for food. If they don't get food, their life will be difficult. It is sure they will die if there is no food. But it is not sure that the Virus will attack us if we go out. The mindset of the people is like this more or less.
    These migrant workers don't have any properties in their native places also. There also they have to go to work. But getting work there also is difficult. So they may be preferring coming back as already they have some work in their old place of work. That is why they are all coming back. How long they can survive by depending on somebody.
    Many middle-class people are also suffering a lot without money for day to day expenses. They are also going for daily wage works so that they can manage.

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