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    How fast can you talk?

    Have you listened to the advertisement messages or the terms and conditions message on the radio? They speak so fast to manage the duration, within a fraction of few seconds. In those advertisements, they also speak of companies sponsoring the shows too.

    Just as we are aware of the typing speed. The normal talking speed expected to pass the message to listeners is 300 words per minute. They are considered as real fast talkers. This is a skill expected in a few jobs related to media.

    For a normal person, the expected rate is 120 words per minute, that is two words per second. Some even manage to speak out between 165-195 words per minute.

    How fast can you speak? Try this activity and get back suggesting the number of words you could speak in a minute.
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    I've never tried to count how many words I utter in a minute, nor I see it a necessary thing to do. Speaking too fast isn't considered as a quality of the speaker, rather being articulate is more important for effective communication. As you're to communicate and share your views or ideas or thought or reply any question or query to someone- should be coherent and understandable to listeners instead of speaking too fast to be understood can't be accepted as a correct way of speaking.

    Earlier I'd this notion that speaking too fast was an impressive way of speaking but later I learnt it that speaking too fast didn't mean someone was too fluent in conversation.

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    I have not discussed anything about fluency, conversation or quality of the speaker. This is just an activity to check ourselves whether we can speak quickly with correct pronunciation as you have added.
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    After reading your post, I took out my mobile and set the stopwatch. I started reading your thread message at a normal and steady speed and stopped my stopwatch.
    The stopwatch reads 48 seconds.
    Now please calculate my talking speed and let me know my speaking speed.

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    My thread has a word count of approximately 166 words. Assuming my word count as correct. You have utilised 48 seconds to read. So you could read more than three words in a minute. Hence, you fall in the manage to speak, group of people that is 165-195 words in a minute.
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    According to me, the total word count of your thread message is only 142 including the title. How come you got 166 words? 24 extra words.
    I copied it and pasted in MS words and checked it. How did you check the word count?
    Other members are also requested to check the word count to ensure the correct word count.

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    I can vary the speed based on the situation. I can speak a word for a second. This is the minimum speed. I have seen the maximum also. I can go up to three words a second on an average. But when I measured for a minute the maximum I got is 160 and the minimum I got is 60. But when I talk 160 words per minute my wife says she is not able to understand what I am talking. She says please reduce the speed and repeat.
    This speed what I am talking about is when I talk in my mother tongue. If I go for other languages I have to measure and see how my speed will vary.

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    You are right, I too copied and pasted it in word but it has taken the heading also into consideration. It's was a mistake to count those words. I realised after going through your message.
    Even then you fall in the second group. Thank you for your quick response.

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    Generally an average person has a talking speed of 110 to 130 words per minute. That is the usual one many people have but our listening abilities are much more than that and we can on an average comprehend or understand easily up to 340 to 360 words per minute. All are not so lucky and cannot understand or assimilate the fast talks or speeches and request the orator to slow down significantly. There are extreme cases where people are able to talk or deliver talks even up to a speed of 480 to 500 words per minute but it is difficult to comprehend that.

    When I have to talk from my memory I can hardly talk 130 to 140 words per minute but if I have to read from a page then I can go to a speed of even 200 words per minute. Most of the people would be able to that as that is not a big deal. There are some professions where fast talking is taken as a qualification like media and utilisation of TV breaks.

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    There are music instruments or the apparatus which can enhance the speed of the speech. The ordinary speech is conveyed in fast mode. For example one minute speech can be made to 20 seconds as the ads on radio and television is costly per seconds. For example record your speech and load on the U lead studio and the dialogue would appear on the audio timeline and that can be enhanced with speed, made as slow and even we can add the auditorium effect besides many other features and thus our voice can be controlled at varied length and style. And I have seen some news presenters on AIR are very fast but the language should be understandable.
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    As you mentioned the fast speed is for the particular media type of talking. They very likely have a board in front of them, with the text written in large letters on it and basically they are speed reading. I would not call that talking. Even going through the text you have put up would be reading aloud, not normal talking. Talking is basically speech in different formats, such as in a conversation face to face or one on the phone, one addressing an audience from a stage, and so on. So how would we calculate the number of minutes for these types of talk? Consider also the emotion that may be involved. When we get excited or angry, we talk at a much faster speed than in normal talks.

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