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    Laziness resides in body or mind ?

    Usually if a person is lazy we often call him a lazy body. Every time a person shows laziness the body of the person is blamed. But is it really the body or the mind which is lazy.
    The body of every person is always governed by mind. Whatever instructions are given by a mind, the body readily follows it. The most important thing is that a body can't work, even a single cell of the body can't work if the mind fails to give an instruction. Whether it is voluntary or an involuntary action, every action is done after the order received from the brain. Leaving aside the reflex actions which are governed by the spinal cord, all other instructions are given by the mind to the body.
    Then is it right to blame the body for its laziness or the mind should be blamed?

    Pondering upon the fact further, it is obvious that it's all because of a mind. Then in order to reduce the laziness of a person, his mind needs to be healthy. How can a mind become healthy? What do we need to feed it for its healthiness?
    It is the inculcation of good thoughts and a proper sleep substituted by innovative activities which could bring up the mind to an active level finishing the laziness. For all this, we really need to indulge the mind all the time in positive and energetic thoughts which always infuse sparks of doing something creative and innovative.
    The fact is that ' A healthy mind doesn't reside In a healthy body' rather 'A healthy mind makes a healthy body.'
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    Laziness is for the min only, I feel. Our body is a Robot for our mind. Whatever mind says that will be carried out by the concerned part of the body. If the mind will not pass on the instruction, the body will not work. Only the difference is a Robot is preprogrammed but mind king programme as and when it wants and can pass on the instructions so that the body will act. The mind can give instructions and the body will act immediately.
    So the laziness is to mind only. We think that we will go for a walk. But mind says we will do it from tomorrow. We will postpone.
    We have to keep our mind active so that we will not become lazy. When the mind is lazy to give instructions, the body will become lazy. So to avoid that always keep your mind fresh and try to be pleasant. Then you will have a fresh mind and laziness may not come very near to you.

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    Many people have this characteristic of being lazy. It depends also on their upbringing. If the parents give them all the facilities and care then sometimes these children become lazy and some of them get weight also and become fat. The physical activity should be commensurate with the food intake otherwise it would invite many ailments. Laziness sometimes turns into a habit and that is the very dangerous thin for the growth of the person. There are consultants and advisors to motivate people to come out of the grip of laziness. It is difficult to come out but is not an impossible task. Mind is the source of all activities in our lives and if mind gives correct command then there is no reason that the person would not be physically active. Only thing is how to tame the mind. This is one of the most difficult thing because as soon as one tries to start taming the mind, a lot of opposition, resistance, and reluctance emerges from within. So, our enemy is residing inside us only and not allowing us to try to reform ourselves.
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    What I feel that the laziness is in the body and not in the mind why because I used to wake up at 4 am daily and that is habituated but due to some functions or other reasons if I go to sleep late last night then waking up would be lazy for my body and not for my mind which wakes me up right at the time without even the alarm. We have to tune the body according to our mind and the commands of the mind would be certainly listened by body. Mind is ever alert and wants to take next course of action but the body should be fit enough to accept the challenges of the future and so on.
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    According to me the laziness in initiated in mind first and then body. If mind feels laziness to do a thing the body automatically postpone or give up the idea itself. If mind alert and not feel laziness though body is not alert the mind makes the body to move with a start.

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    Laziness resides in the mind but it is supported by the body. The mind is a goal setter but sometimes if our body is not healthy, we may be suffering from fever or so they even though the body understands but still cannot act upon it. Hence both have to be active to help each other and throw away laziness.
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    Laziness is an attitudinal response from the mind. But tiredness and fatigue can be of body and mind. Laziness occurs generally when there is no proper motivation or stimulation to do the task. First step of laziness is procrastination. However the same person who is lazy in doing one task may not show laziness in some other work.
    However when body or mind i sick or suffer from fatigue then that laziness is temporary and it will change when the body and mind is properly fed, rested and cured.

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    Our mind is the master of our all actions. It is the mind which gives all the instructions to the body parts to move and exert. If mind is dull or inactive a person would be of no use and would not contribute in anything.
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