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    Is it not an injustice?

    In both the Telugu States, the government declared that all SSC and Intermediate students will be promoted to the next classes. Even intermediate failed students are declared passed as the government is not able to conduct the examinations.

    At the same time, in these states, those who studied 10th and 12th class in CBSE stream are not getting promoted automatically. CBSE has decided to promote them based on their performance in the subjects for which examinations were conducted. If some fails, they may lose one year whereas their counterpart on State syllabus will go to the next class.

    I feel all students should be given the same privilege as the conditions are the same for all. I solicit the views of the learned members of ISC.
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    The author is correct, Due to the covid fear not only students but also almost all individuals are in chaos and in the stage of what to do next. Many aged people start writing nominations in banks etc., We cannot say it is because of fear but this is due to blinking without any solution. In this stage we cannot make the students to study for examinations without knowing when the examinations going to be held. Almost they are in house as house arrest. Student in the level of well studying nature will succeed however but the levels below them will be in trouble. It is better to make all of them pass as not to hold one year of them in puzzle or problem and there should not be any bias in that.

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    This is a biased decision with State and Central syllabus students. One method should be considered for all the students. It may also be noted that the present year 2020-21, SSLC students will also face severe problems in their learning process.
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    I also agree that same rule should be applied to all the students throughout the country. If one state takes one stand and other state takes another stand then it would lead to ambiguities. I think centre should intervene to resolve this anomaly.
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    During the initial stages there was a big confusion as everyone thought that this virus problem would be over by a few weeks and then everything would resume under normalcy. Unfortunately nothing of that sort happened and then decision making became a crucial thing at every juncture. States were seeking centre to take lead and centre was thinking why states can not take independent decisions. In this confusion and turmoil whoever wanted took a decision in his own righteousness and went ahead with it and naturally when it is not coordinated from the centralised agency such deviations were bound to happen.
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    The central government has to take the key decisions related to education. If each state takes its own decision they surely confusions will arise. It is the same situation related to the reopening of schools. If one state provides education what about other states. Hence a few key decisions related to finance, health and education should be in the hands of the central government.
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