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    Be a role model before your children

    Many times children learn things from parents and others at their vision. We cannot correct others but we can correct ourselves to make the children learn good from us.
    We should stop watching television or mobiles or laptops more time before children and spending time with them is good as they also sit with us or separately with mobile or televisions or laptop and they spoil themselves through unwanted things.
    I read in a book. A father took his son who is six years old to a circus. At the entrance they put a notice board that 'Half ticket for children below five years'. This father bought two full tickets and at the entrance the person who check the ticket asked the father what was the age of the child. He replied as six years. The man told,'The child looks so small and you would have bought half ticket by saying he is four years only'. The father replied,'Yes I would have saved money but spoiled my son as it makes him to tell lie'.
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    It is true, parents make minor mistakes sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly affecting the mentality of the children. The repercussions of such message remain in their mind and may create a problem at a later stage. It can not be corrected at that point in time.
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    Yes, our children are the silent watchers what their parents are doing. Parents are their roll models and they would behave similarly in the next time what their parents have done in the past time. If you are yourself engrossed in a mobile game ignoring that your kids are around you. Don't think that you are not being noticed. The kids are noticing all your activities and hence put a curb on such activities which you would not like to be imitated by your own kids.

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    Children imitate and follow elder, especially parents first.
    I am always of the view that parents should be true in their words and deeds in front of their children. They should practice what they preach to their children. Children learn by examples and models. Parents are their first role models. What they learn and imbibe from parents lie deep and cemented in their character. We should be the best role models for our children. No parent wild like something bad to happen for their children. That is why 'swear by your child's name' has come into existence. When it comes to something about one's children, one will not try to do bad and make something bad befall on their children. May times parents knowingly or unknowingly deviate from their correct and expected roles for their children, creating confusion and sense of betrayal in the minds of their children.

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    The mother is the first teacher for his kid. She will teach her kids how to walk, how to talk and how to eat. In any difficult times, a child will see at his/her mother. If my mother is in my position what she will do, this the thought process the kid will have. After her, their father will be the role model for them. They will try to do the things the way their father does it. If the father does pooja every day in the morning, his children also will follow him. If the father enjoys his drink in the evening in the house, his child will come with an empty glass to him. These facts parents should remember always and should behave in a proper way in the presence of their kids. We should not go for time-wasting activities and tell them that they should not waste their time also. Parents should not do the activities which they don't want their kids to do. Then the children will also become good citizens like parents.
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    Mobile is one of the key elements which has to be away from children. They can use it for some time but they should not get addicted to it. Next comes the television, since the schools are closed it is very difficult for working parents to be a role model. Children are left behind with none to observe or guide. Grandparents are also in different places hence children are left with the latest gadgets for their time pass.
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    It is rightly said that parents must be a role model before their children. there is a quote which says that "Don't worry that your children never listen to you, Worry that they are always watching you." It is true that the parents are the superheroes of every child. They always imitate their parents, sons imitate their father and would like to shave or dress like his father, daughters would like to wear a dress/make-up like her mother. They always want to be like their parents as for them, you the most beautiful, strongest, wise, loving, caring and intelligent person in the world. Never try to change this and never be rude as they learn things by watching you. They get influenced more by watching their parents than others and the same will reflect in their behaviour. So always try to be the best role model for your children and be a person what you want your children to be by setting a perfect example in front of them.
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