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    The irritating trend of nepotism in India

    Nepotism is all across India. Though, in some fields, it is more prevalent. It is more widespread in politics.

    In India, most of the politicians prefer their kith and family to become their political heirs. The examples are Mulayam Singh Yadav and Karunanidhi, whose whole clan is into politics. Rahul Gandhi is a de-facto leader of Congress party because he is the son of Shri Rajiv Gandhi. Laloo Yadav made his sons Deputy CM of Bihar without any knowledge and eligibility. There are so many examples of nepotism or favouritism in Indian politics that you can load many books with their names.

    Another area where nepotism has deep roots in is the film industry. Today, most of the film stars are the kids or family members of some famous film stars. There are stars who had struggled to become a part of this industry but had fallen in this nepotism trap. They also followed the same and started promoting their children instead of choosing the people based on performance and acting skills.

    What is your take on such kind of practices?

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    We can't help it. That's the way of life. If one is without nepotism, he won't be respected by his own family members or relatives and friends. There are very few who don't practice nepotism or favoritism. One good example is Mr. K Kamaraj of Tamilnadu who was Chief Minister of TN. He never practiced nepotism. He was Mr. Clean and Mr. Perfect on this earth. I do not know any other politician like Mr. K Kamaraj. More than in politics, it is much prevalent in the film industry.
    Shivaji's son Prabhu - Shivakumar's sons Surya and Karthick, Sarat Kumar's daughter Varalakshmi - and many more to add from Tamil Cinema. Male nepotism is more than female nepotism. No actress prefers their daughter to be an actress. While father's want their daughters to be actresses, but most, even screen mothers don't like their daughters on the screen.

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    If the son is worth enough, there are no problems grooming him as the successor. But if he is not having the skill required promoting him has a successor is never correct. A doctor's son can be a doctor and a lawyer's son can be a lawyer. Here they have to get qualified in the examination and then they have to prove themselves. We can't find fault in this.
    But there are no qualifications required or one need not get good rank in the entrance test to get into acting or politics. So anyone can come to this field and if their parents are in that field they will be preferred.

    In the cinema field, the crazy fans of a hero are supporting the sons of their hero irrespective of their skills. Based on this producers are encouraging the sons of the heroes. Same is the case in politics also. Voters are voting and selecting them. The mindset of people should change. Then only we will see some change. Otherwise, this system will go like this forever.

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    "In India, most of the politicians prefer their kith and family to become their political heirs."
    What if politician asks similar questions to Doctors, Advocates, Teachers, Bureaucrats, bankers and industrialists, why their children also follow parents' profession and career? Can't we give any number of examples in this category also?
    What we can say is that for all these they had to undergo certain minimum qualifying tests or entrance checks.
    But then the elected members will say that they passed the great test of proving majority in election and thus became [people's choice.
    But in this also we can easily quote examples of Smt Rabri Devi becoming Bihar CM, just because she is Mrs Lalu Prasad Yadav or Mrs CM. It did not look like choice and election, but only inheritance, though there was selection and election later.
    Nepotism may not be a valid point to question when the concerned persons contest and win elections. It is a questionable point when many posts are created just to accommodate politicians or relatives and friends of politicians or such people are made Chairmen and members of various boards ,some such boards or positions specially created for such favour. Nepotism occurs when some failed candidate is placed in some special posh postings with plush compensations and luxuries. There are umpteen examples if we observe and analyse deeply and widely.

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    In every sector of the cinema industry and politics, we can find nepotism. Money speaks more than the value of an individual. We cannot expect new faces to enter these sectors even if they manage probably one or two may sprout out.
    There is no solution or nepotism cannot be uprooted from the community for decades.

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    Nepotism itself isn't wrong if the successor of the person deserves to be a successor but if he is promoted as a successor without required qualifications and abilities then nepotism is menace for the deserving person who has been deprived of his moral right to be promoted as a successor.

    Unjustified and justified nepotism is experienced virtually in all walks of life. Many a man is involved in unjustifiable nepotism.

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    There is no doubt that nepotism has deep roots in our country. People who are in power would always help and favour their kith and kins. So, nepotism was there and still is there may be more than earlier and would stay for long may be more vehemently. The genesis of nepotism lies in the governance and honesty of people positioned at high places ad top positions. If it is there we can hope an impartial system. A single honest man at the top can decrease the nepotism considerably. For example we have not heard any favour given to the relatives or family members of our present PM and that has to happen at each level if we want to eradicate nepotism.
    Knowledge is power.

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