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    Every good writer was a beginner once

    Many people wish to write effectively and in impressive ways to generate readership. In the beginning there are difficulties in every area and that is true for the field of writing also. To learn good writing there are many steps and slowly one can have a grip of this wonderful art but it takes time, hard work and patience to reach the place where one ultimately becomes a good writer. The command of language and imagination play vital role in the area of writing and content is the backbone of the write-up finally being produced from the pen of the writer. This might appear challenging and tough to the new persons who have entered the area of writing but it is not exactly so. If one has a liking and interest for writing one can achieve that of course with sustained efforts and concentration in this field. They must think that a good writer was a beginner once and if he can achieve it why they cannot. Members may please give their views and opinions on this.
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    Writing is an art-filled with colours. To create a beautiful masterpiece the perfect mix of colours, patience are essential elements. Similarly, the content knowledge, a good mix of words to express the thoughts is necessary to be a good writer. Any writer cannot be considered as an explicit writer or be praised just in a day. It requires continuous reading practice and writing skills over a period of time to tune a writer.
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    Even a long journey will also start with one step only. Even to do a doctorate we should start with class 1 only. So the starting point will be the same for all achievements. So even a very famous writer is also a beginner one day is true by all means. But some may become good writers and some may not. All depends on the efforts one will put in to achieve the goal. Another factor that may also play an important role is wisdom.

    Becoming a big writer depends on the profession you take up. A Telugu teacher will have more chances to become a poet in that language than a person who is working as a clerk. His profession will take away more time and he can't have that much time for the other activities. But a teacher who Telugu day in day out will have more exposure to reading and that will give him an edge.

    Luck also plays an important in achieving success. Even after putting all efforts also some may not get the name. I feel that will depend on the luck of the individual.

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    Becoming a successful writer is a long journey. It takes a lot of efforts, hard work and your time to learn the art of writing. Every successful writer starts as a beginner who doesn't know nuts and bolts of writing. But the consistency and patience while going through this journey of becoming a successful writer pays in the long run. It gives every beginner sleepless nights before he or she becomes a better writer.
    I feel it better to start early to learn the art of writing and with time and hard work one becomes a competent writer. Every writer faces disappointment at early stages of writing but to be a big writer one needs to stay focused on the goal and shut all distractions.

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    In our life we start first by listening, viewing and observing and then reading and writing.
    As the faculty of writing is cultivated and not an inbuilt sense or faculty like hearing, seeing or talking, it needs our conscious efforts.
    Good writing is a result of good listening, good reading, good observation and analysis. It is a creation. As such it is subject to errors in design and make. So it also needs rectification, redesign and refinement.
    Just as a dessert or pudding needs a lot of labour, which the taster does not know always, a good piece of writing also needs a good background effort. Any beginning writer who reads such writing need not be unnecessarily worried or feel discouraged, because that writer also was once a beginner. Even at the peak of one's achievement a writer should always remember that he was also a beginner once.

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    Criticisms should be taken up in a positive aspect once any person clicks in this field. He or she should be able to defend themselves with expert content knowledge and stand on their words. The writer also needs peace of mind and an environment to not down points before completing the work.
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    I agree that it is a long journey to become an average writer or an established writer but it differs from an individual to individual also as someone might take less time in getting that proficiency level. Then it is also related to as how much hard work one can perform.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Every man was a child in the beginning. It is not only applicable to a writer, but for all. No one takes birth with a pen in hand. We need to learn ABCD and go up in the ladder of writing to be a good writer.
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