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    Depression and suicide- reasons and solutions.

    Although all the people who suffer from depression do not commit suicide, major depressive tendencies raise the suicide risk factor when compared to those without depression. The level of risk can be related to the severity of the depression. There are also differences between genders in dealing with depression. Whereas about 7 per cent of men with a lifetime history of depression commit suicide, just one per cent of women resort to the extreme step.

    Another point with regard to depression and the suicide risk involved and depression is to look at the lives of individuals and see what proportion of them were depressed. From that viewpoint, about 60% of people who commit suicide are said to have experienced mental disorders like extreme depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia etc. Younger persons who kill themselves may also be subject to drug abuse disorders in addition to being depressed.

    What do you feel are the common factors that give rise to depression and what aggravates the same forcing people to take the extreme step? Please also suggest practical solutions, other than medical intervention, involving the society.

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    People are driven to helplessness when they do not have someone close or confidant enough to confide their problem and share their concerns and sorrows. In the current days of individual self-centred life this is not much available. People do not get a shoulder to place their heads when in trouble and need of help. People view their own problems under a microscope and do not se others problems .So they imagine they are the only sufferers and victims.
    After the over dependence on internet based social media communications, people do not have much real-life dependable friendship. Like the internet relationships are also becoming virtual and intangible.
    So people just cannot see beyond their nose, beyond their palms or beyond their handheld device. Just as a continuously inflated balloon, their stress inflated mind also burst at a vulnerable time. Good friendship and good dependable relationship in real-life is the only effective stress buster.

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    If a person is having a bond with his family, involves himself in most of the activities within the family. If he makes up his mind to live and let live, then the matter of suicide does not arise at all.
    Every person may at some point of time get the notion to commit suicide but they have to think of the family behind them who struggles hard to nurture their wards with quality education, better clothing or favouring the whims and franchise of children.
    Depression is not death or suicide, it is a ray of life which has to taken positively to rebuild our personality and fight back.

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    What I feel that those who do not have the Self-confidence would resort to suicide and death. Life is always confronted with good and bad period and if one undergoes the challenge of the bad period, surely the good period is knocking sooner or later and having failed to understand this feature of our life, people go into sulking made and they feel as if the world has ended for them. But one they start realizing that many are living below their way of life, then they would understand that they are better placed and would not think of taking drastic actions.
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    The degree of depression varies from individual to individual. Surprisingly sometimes even the successful people have it albeit for a short time in their lives. Psychologists attribute many reasons for depressive conditions and suicidal tendencies and can pinpoint it in an individual case after certain tests and diagnosis. Anyway, in common terms depression in general sets in a person when things do not go as per his wishes or he does not get the desired results from his deeds. Inferiority complex, neglect from peer groups and neglect from society in general also is contributory factor for depression. Apart from this there could be many other reasons for it including the physiological ailments. There are solutions and all of them are in the nature of doing reverse of all those things that created depression. It is easy to say that but difficult to achieve. This is a big subject and in individual cases might need the help and guidance of the expert psychiatrist.
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    These days depression has become a common problem in many people. This mainly to the reason that very high expectations and ambitions. I want my son to top the list of ranks. If he has not achieved it I will get depressed.
    The depression degree will vary from person to person We have seen some people committing suicide for a
    very small reason. Such people may be having a very weak mind.
    To avoid this depression we should always be strong at our mind. We should not take all issues as life and death problems. We should accept the results as it comes. But to inculcate these qualities is not easy. One should have a very strong will for it. It requires a lot of practice and understanding. People can approach good psychiatrists and discuss with them in detail about their problems and the only they can be alright.

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