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    Teaching a class online - which one and what subject would you prefer?

    We've had some interesting contests in which you had to deliver a lesson on a particular subject to a classroom of students. Suppose you get the opportunity to teach a class online with a twice or thrice a week session for one entire academic year. Which subject would you love to teach and for which class? It can be any Standard of a school or a college class or university class up to the postgraduate level. You have to give one subject and one class preference and briefly state some reasons for selecting them. You have to explain the reasons in a valid and relevant manner with good text and not just in a points' format. You may give a couple of relevant links as well.

    This is not a reward program with prizes, but we may give a few points and cc for good quality responses after ten days when we will lock this thread.
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    A really a very good thread by Vandana Madam. I will really want to teach biology for higher secondary classes i.e. XI and XII classes. I am a student of biology and I am fond of teaching biology. The main reason for teaching biology for higher secondary classes is that students are mature enough to understand online. The lecture need diagrams to teach biology and it is very easy to share screen through any online platform or online app. You can use the whiteboard to draw diagrams. You can also share the downloaded book of NCERT to teach biology. I have a good knowledge of Microsoft office and able to make PPTs and PDFs for my notes. So, I can use PPTs to explain easily and PDFs can be used to distributes notes to the students.

    It is very easy to give examples as most of the topics are related to the human body or are related to the environment. So, it is not difficult to provide suitable examples which make our lectures more interesting.

    After 12th class, students can make career in the field of biology. I can counsel them about the career opportunities after 12th class.

    And after all, I am a biology teacher and have an experience of teaching biology for the last 24 years. So, I would also like to teach biology online.

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    I would prefer to teach moral science and environment to primary or upper primary classes. It would be preferable to teach students of the sixth class. These students will be just entering or at the doorsteps of their teenage years. They will be full of enthusiasm, full of energy and full of curiosity. So that is the time they need to be channelized to the right path.

    I would be able to teach those things very lucidly using anecdotes from folk tales, our ancient scriptures and texts and from my own experience. This will also make me read a lot of these old value giving materials and pack them in a way easily comprehensible and practicable mode. I know how important it is to make online teaching and learning interesting.As Moral and ethics can be taught mostly by storytelling, the students will enjoy the classes. I will also use my own science education, ration and logic to make them applicable to modern daily life without compromising the core values. Thus I can make them realise how Moral science and ethics are valid for present-day and not just relics of old times.

    I will give them assignments and feedback on their experience and how they adopted the lessons in their daily life, how they could influence their parents to change or correct at least one thing, or what they learned new from parents in this regard etc. I will ask them to create and interpret what they learned, by way of drawings and presentations and send them as assignments to be evaluated.

    I am sure by these methods and watching these classes' even parents will also be attracted to attend and they may also start reading such good literature and convinced about the importance of moral values in education.

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    I would love to teach Science to students preferably 7th or 8th grade. During my school days, science was one of my favourite subjects. I got inspired by my school Science teacher to teach Science. The way he taught increased my interest in science. And this has continued till my college where I was asked to take seminars and help lecturers and professors in teaching. If I get a chance to teach, this is what I will do. During my class no student will open their book, all they will do is listen to me. And what I will do is try to explain the lessons as much as practically with examples from day to day life. This will increase the interest among students and will get them ready to easily remember the concepts or class lectures. My teaching will be in such a way that after the class if students open their book and read the lesson which I taught it will be a cakewalk for them.

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    I love to teach the General Knowledge and moral lessons to small children. For other subjects, there are good teachers and experienced persons to give understandable knowledge to the students. But when it comes to general knowledge even the Intermediate students are not aware of it and in a future class or even in attempting competitive exams, the general knowledge is important. I would love to teach the moral lessons to the small children to inculcate the habit of respecting the nature, elders and above all the mankind and that would go a long way to build their future life.
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    I would love to teach Mathematics online, It is a vast subject that needs a lot of explanations, formulas, principles, calculations and methods to be followed. All other subjects can be learned by a student through books without any explanation. Science needs to be practical with some laboratory assistance.

    Mathematics can be taught online for any classes from LKG to University.

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    I would like to teach the Telugu Language to 8th standard students. My mother tongue is Telugu. My father is a Telugu poet and he taught me Telugu grammar and I am very thorough in that subject. Online teaching of Telugu is not difficult because I can share my screen with all the students and I can type Telugu also. As such I have no problem.

    I can explain Telugu poems as well as prose. I can explain Telugu grammar. I can tell them good examples to tell them various rules and regulations regarding grammar.

    I have good experience in teaching. I used to teach all subjects to students from 6th to 10th during my PhD period. I am also aware of Tips for Online Teaching . I have taught chemistry to a degree, PG and Engineering students and I have guided 5 PhD students for their PhD. With this experience, I know very well how to plan my teaching and how to interact with the students and how to make them understand what I am teaching. I know how to make my online teaching and learning interesting

    8th class students will be just starting their grammar learning and fundamentals can be taught to them in which I am well versed. That is why I selected the 8th class.

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    My favourite subject is Physics. I like to teach it to the students of class XI and XII. When I was in my graduation I had Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as my subjects. I completed my graduation and got the highest marks in Mathematics followed by Physics and Chemistry and topped the college also and even had a position in the university. Everyone including my parents thought that I would be going for M.Sc. in Mathematics to score high and get a job directly. But having more interest in Physics I chose to do my PG in Physics and though I got a first-class but did not have any position in the university or the college and was fifth or sixth in the list of the first class students in Physics that year. So getting a job (at that time top-scoring students got temporary lecturer jobs easily in degree colleges or affiliated colleges) based on merit was a remote possibility and I struggled for jobs for a long time doing some small jobs here and there. One opportunity I got was there was a demand of Physics teachers for class XI and XII everywhere especially in private schools as well as tuition centres as it was considered a tough subject after Mathematics. I started doing that which did two benefits to me - first was that I could earn some money and second was that I revised the Physics syllabus for these classes thoroughly and still in a situation to teach the boys of class XI and XII comfortably except the constraints imposed by my age and health.

    As now the mode is online then I have to gear up with the online applications for doing this task and I would select one out of the so many available today. Incidentally, I am already engaged in writing a series of articles on basic Physics and a few of them are completed and published also. So, I am in touch with my subject. Now considering the present proposition, teaching my favourite subject where I have a good practice would always be a pleasant thing for me.

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    I would like to be a computer teacher if I ever get to teach online. Teaching computers to kids would give me ample opportunity to revise my basics, plus it is always pleasant to see the excitement kids have when it comes to learning new technology.

    Teaching computer subjects online has various aspects depending on the age and interests of the students. The younger ones may be interested in fun applications such as MS-Paint and MS-words. And the above 10 years group can even learn the basics of C programming or some app development tools or basics of HTML. Children feel very happy and satisfied when they create some program or web page on their own.

    As a teacher, it is very fulfilling to see young minds developing and practising logic-based thinking for programming.

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    teaching children needs patience and when you have a passion for teaching then its another thing but if it is just for money, it will be very hard. I would love to teach geography to students. As geography is related to people, language, climate, environment, land, etc It would be fun to teach children about it. I would like to teach the students from standard 5-7th as I am more convenient with them.

    I have wondered many times as to Why Geography is a much-neglected subject? The answers are that the school, parents or children don't know the importance of the subject. Despite having good job opportunities in big companies like ONGC, NRSA, GSI, IBM, etc the subject is ignored by many and are just mugged-up to score or clear the exam.

    We need to focus and know about the importance of the subject and provide Tips to score high marks in geography examinations by following the tips provided. I would try my best to cover every aspect of the subject that I missed during my schooling days so that children will start liking the subject and even score their best in every exam.

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    My choice of subject is Psychology as I did my PG in that only. It is a fascinating subject and how people behave or act in society is all based on their Psychology and Psychological reflections. Psychology a subject where there is immense potential for research and project studies. Good students can definitely try in this field. I would like to teach to the students of B.A. level. After doing B.A. these students can have many career options. During my student life, I had a habit of making jotted points in a diary to note down the main things related to a chapter and such bulleted ties are very useful for a teacher. The only problem I would face is I have no experience of teaching in an online environment and I would have to learn about the applications through which we can impart the lectures to the aspiring students. I think that would not be a big deal and about a weeks awareness would be sufficient to learn the intricacies of those online platforms built readymade for this purpose. Incidentally, in this subject, we teach some practicals also to the students by doing which they can find the Psychology of a person and from that, they can derive many interesting things about the behavioural patterns of that particular individual. Generally, these practicals consist of a series of questions asked to the individual to get hold of his personality and thinking process. So in this way, the subject of Psychology would become interesting for the students who would be attending it online.
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    The thread is interesting, I feel. Teaching is always fun, as well as a challenge. Suppose, I get an opportunity to teach then definitely I will prefer to be an English teacher. I won't claim that I am perfect in English, but I have a fondness for the subject because I did my postgraduation in it. I was a Spoken English teacher for two years, but for a long time now, I am not working anymore. Writing has become a passion, and I enjoy my present stint on ISC entirely. Thus, when I am into writing in the English language,. Then if I get an opportunity to teach online, I would choose English. It will help me to brush up my knowledge which will be beneficial for my writing skill, and my fondness for the subject along with academic qualification in it would make me teach the students confidently.

    It's always better to start with school students for a candidate like me who is not in regular touch with the subject. Well, I won't prefer Montessori or the Primary section but would love to teach the Middle graders that is from class sixth to eighth. That's because it will prove to be a revision for me as well as teaching children of such age group is easy. They are a curious lot, and if I can involve them in the teaching process, then it will be an interactive session. It will help the students to open up and come up with various queries, which is a much-needed approach for learning. That's how a teacher's teaching gets rewarded, and students' grasp upon the subject becomes strong.

    Another point why I have chosen the Middle school students is that while teaching the subject of English, I have to teach language and literature both. It will be a learning experience for the students and me both because discussing short or long stories, poems, novels, essays, articles, autobiographies and many more will open many facets to talk upon about the English language and the types of literary work. Teaching about writing skill will be another two way helpful. Even it will help to enhance speaking skill. In English class, every student has to talk in English, which will benefit the students in improving their speaking power. In a way, it will make me confident in conversing in English as I do not require much to speak in English for being an outright homemaker. A language subject has two more skills other than writing and speaking, such as reading and listening. Developing the ability to read and listen properly is very important to become an expert in the language. Thus, sharing my knowledge and experience of learning English with the upcoming generation will be a matter of joy and thanksgiving too to my English teachers.

    I personally feel that teaching English to the students of sixth to eighth class students will benefit me a lot. It will help me to excel in writing, and my thought process will widen too. As it is rightly said that teaching is a give and take process, so for me teaching English to the Middle school students will be the best option. The students and I both will learn from each other and enhance our knowledge of English in every respect. It will help in all-round development for all.


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    We live in a world today where we are fed a whole lot of information in various fields of education. We are being trained to accept things as is given to us and not really question the validity of the information we are forced to accept and agree to. I disagree with this and I would teach students to think and apply their knowledge to test and prove wherever possible any of the accepted norms of science. One of the front-line topics is evolution. It is the accepted thing in education that this is true when it is nothing but a theory having no valid evidence to support it.

    I would like to teach pre-university students who already understand the basics of mathematics and science. My aim would be on utilizing their knowledge to verify the accepted politically correct ideas permeating the life of the youth. I would teach them to look beyond the accepted norm to verify for themselves the truth, with all the tools available. Teaching students to do some research into the authors of the various theories, and the theses presented by them and rigorously test them and prove them to be correct or false.

    While some aspects may not be possible to do at the pre-university level, there are enough topics and tools available to create lively action into validating the evolution theory or the flat earth/globe earth questions. It doesn't take long to figure out the false information imposed upon us. Simple questions can rattle the accepted theories of gravity, black holes, the curvature of the earth, the size of the sun, the eclipse alignment, the age of the earth, the fossil record, the geologic column, the origin of language, etc. we need to raise up people who can think, not just accept. We do not need factory-produced replicas, but real scientists and physicists and engineers and geologists and so on who can stand up and against the false education and who can present the truth in a scientifically acceptable manner. I would be teaching and training students for this goal.

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    I would love to teach German as a foreign language to the students of class 5th. Although it may not be acceptable to many parents my experience says that for learning any language it is better to start sooner. I did Advance Diploma in German from Banasthali Vidyapith . The course went along with my regular Bachelor course and many times I really found it difficult to manage both of them together. So, it was like I wanted to learn and perform in a better way but I couldn't keep the track of both the courses and I kept my regular course on a higher priority. I wished that time that if I could have learned it in junior classes, I would have learned better.

    I chose the 5th standard to teach German because, by that time, the students become familiar with Basic English including grammar, tense, genders, etc. German language also uses English scripts for writing and has many things similar to English. So it will be easy to make them understand the new language. I will start with the alphabet and then will proceed further. A language subject can be explained very well through online classes as it does not require any model, experiments, etc and can be taught using self-explanatory PowerPoint presentations. I will share some audios including poems and stories to teach them about pronunciation which is a very important part of the language. Such interactive sessions will be fun for the kids and a break from their regular studies.


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    Well written . and also this thread is interesting, I feel

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    I would like to teach Environmental Biology to the Degree Classes Students. I did my masters with the Zoology as a Core Subject, and then PhD and Post-Doc with specialization in Environmental Sciences. I have also a teaching experience at degree level. Since I am also working in the field of Environment more than 10 years hence I would prefer to explain to the students the major environmental issues which the world and our country are facing. Further, I want to discuss what government and Environment Regulatory bodies are doing and what can be done at our level.

    I think the environment is a subject that is compulsory in schools from small classes. However, I want to teach the graduate level students as they are mature enough to understand these issues and can guide their families, society and others to take initiatives for protection and conservation of our nature and natural resources. I want to discuss with the students about strategies to save water, rainwater harvesting, waste management, green building, energy-saving using solar energy and wind energy etc. I also want to share with them some useful tips we can use to save water, energy which will save money also in our daily life. I want to make youth aware of environmental matters so that our life and future will spend in a clean and healthy environment.

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    I will teach English Grammar and language to ninth and tenth students. English, as people often consider it a language but when it comes to speaking they are often mistaken by simply taking it as a subject. They misinterpret the concept that a language has its own grammar and rules and simply start speaking it by translating the words from their mother tongue in English which is a poor concept.

    English, being a language has its own symbols, syntax, rules, concepts which altogether combine to form the basic grammar. While talking about grammar each and every rule has a concept behind it, which is often forgotten by people as they think grammar is all about throat learning which absolutely incorrect.

    I would like to throw light on each concept by teaching why every single rule has been made and what concept makes it different from other making the children enjoying practising the rules and applying them in their practical life instead of just giving them a throat learning.

    Being an English faculty, I would develop the communicative and interactive skills of the students by indulging them in activities which may be entertaining to them but would provoke in them a speaker enabled with grammatical skills.

    Also, while teaching the literature part I would enhance the skills of justification of not only titles but also worth of each and every character in a particular story. The use of specific words in poems rather than other synonyms will also be revealed and justified in front of students so that they could derive the optimism and pessimism in synonyms of a single word.

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    Tomorrow is the 10th day since this thread was raised and hence entries after midnight tomorrow will not be considered for points and cc, so hurry up those of you who are still interested in participating!

    Note to everyone - please do not put 'either-or' options. It is clearly stated to mention one class (and one subject as well). Since this is not a contest, you are permitted to edit your response accordingly.

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    I would love to teach maths to class 8 kids. I was initially afraid of maths like other kids but eventually I started liking it and now if were to teach some subject to a class, then I would not choose other than Mathematics.

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    Thanks, everyone, for participating. We will credit points and cc to the responses within the next two days.
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