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    Reading the script before allowing a child to be on a show

    We've been watching some Web series and were discussing how parents can allow their children to be part of the show when there are characters who smoke and take drugs, sometimes young teens themselves playing such roles. It is very disconcerting also to see children younger than ten as part of a violent or gory scene. Then there are very indecent words being liberally used.

    Shouldn't parents be more responsible? If at all they would like their kids to be given a chance to be part of a show, should they not get details of the script and scenes and not just the overall story?
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    As a parent, we cannot refrain the child visualising the scenes but should notice and be aware which can create an impact on their mind. We have to explain and express the positive and negative impact on life with clear cut examples.
    Since they are already educated about a few drugs in science as a subject, it is easy for us to just brush them with which drug is a friend and which one is a foe? This information has to be passed on tactfully.

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    After all, it is a show. This is what every parent would think. The character or the script doesn't matter for them. What they want is the presence of their wards on the show. Even if their children don't get a chance to play a role, parents might pay and get their children to play any role. Children also know that it is only a character and not real.

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    This concerns me greatly too. In the west, parents are so keen to put their children in acting field. My parents also thought of putting me and my sister in ads and serials when we were kids. Children are hard to act with but it is easier for them to achieve fame. So it is very tempting for parents. And would it not be awesome to get your child featured in a film by a huge production company?
    But often these big companies show movies that appeal to mass. That includes usage of intimate scenes and intoxicants. I was watching a movie from 80s. I saw a kid smoking in that. In another movie I saw a kid teasing women. Movies and series have come a far way. We now have gradations and certifications. We now understand what is allowed for kids. So parents must take care before installing their kids in roles offered by movies or series.

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    This is a big worry, really. We should never allow young children also in addition to kids to participate in such shows. I have seen some shows on Tv where small kids will be talking very vulgar language and acting in a very indecent way. I fail to understand why parents are allowing their kids in such shows. They may be thinking that it is very good to appear on the small screen. But these kids will get habituated to such acts and words. This will spoil their life and this is never advisable. It is easy to bend a plant than a tree. So we should teach our children what is good and what is bad and what they should do and what they should not.

    I agree with the author that the parents should get the details of the show, the script of the show and then only should be allowed to take part in such shows. Otherwise, it will be a very difficult task to make the children understand the values of life.

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    Getting an opportunity for their children is itself great than understanding the content for which the show is designed. Once a child starts earning as the mind takes a diversion from education, it is not a good sign.
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    As a parent I get agitated on seeing such scenes when the small children are used even as urchins, beggars and bad characters probably those children are being with promise that they would permanently taken into the movies later. But the fact is that there are agents who mobilize the mob and people to be present on some scenes and they are taught with their fixed actions and they are paid below 1000 rupees and good food. But children get attracted to silver screen, small screen and web series appearance as they seems to be fascinated for having selected and parents get elated.
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    What is worrying is that children can be easily influenced and may think it is ok to hit a girl or steal money from a purse. Young teenagers may get excited to be in a scene where they can smoke and from there start smoking on a regular basis. It may start with such things and progress to some more serious bad habits and offences later in life. Parents should seriously re-think before giving permission for such a supposed start to a career in the industry.
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    I got the same impression while I was watching a new Netflix series recently. Apart from the role and the script, I was also thinking about the crew people working with the kids during shootings and all. Their lifestyle may also impact the kid's mindset. I will not support such exposure for my son until he becomes mature enough to understand the goods and the bads around him.

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