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    How has COVID-19 affected your personnel or professional life

    COVID 19 has affected almost every sector of the country. It has weakened our economy, our trade- small or big, are crippled. Our education sector is badly paralyzed. Poor people are also struggling to survive. Migrant workers suffered immensely, some were crushed under the train and some got injured during the lockdown while walking back to their homes. Some people were hungry and thirsty, some slept on the roads in the open sky. In a rare case, a young girl, Jyoti, took her ailing father on the rare side of her cycle and paddled 1200 km to home. This pandemic gave us a lot of pain and suffering. Even transport is shut. Air traffic not taking off, rail services closed, local transport not rolling on the roads. Roads wore a deserted look. This is a difficult situation and difficult time we are going through and this too shall pass.

    How has this lockdown affected your personal or professional life? How do you manage your time in this situation and what are the difficulties you faced during this lockdown. Members, share your experiences during the lockdown and let us know the difficulty that people faced in this tough situation.
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    This lockdown has taken us off from our jobs and we have to start from scratch as all the savings are utilised to satisfy the needs. I have hardly walked up to one kilometre during this period but I was busy with my family constraints which never gave me a thought to move around.
    I was also afraid to go into the crowded streets. We had two meals a day and tried to save fuel. We managed more on rice related recipes as we got it from ration shops.

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    Frankly speaking this lock down has not posed any major problem for us because my son was getting the salary, myself was getting the money and my wife got the half salary. My daughter was doing her studies from home and hence no additional transport expenses. We were getting the essentials, vegetables and milk near the house and only boring point is that we were put inside the house for 90 days and that is too much testing the patience and not going out. Anyway it was the new experience for everyone of us understanding each other, knowing more about others and initiating some new recipes at the home.
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    Since being a retired person from the steel industry, my confinement in home did not matter much and my children living in Pune and Bengaluru are working from home to deliver their assignments to their IT companies.
    For me, to get the essential items such as ration and milk, it is hardly a one km walk from residence and I can have the items from the nearby shop. It has been an exciting experience in the sense that we couple did not enjoy such a togetherness in the past because of our different assignments. I was in the habit of going outside meeting my colleagues very often to pass the time with some enjoyment but due this situation, I could not go out any more. We have had talks through our mobiles on regular basis to share our feelings.

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    I agree with author's view as mentioned above that Covid-19 has affected all walks of life. It has not only damaged our economy but life style too. I think, most of the people suffered a lot due to lockdown. I also felt very suffocation due to lockdown. Everytime staying at home gives frustration leads to psychological problem. I am habituated of regular exercise in jim. I had to leave jim in lockdown due to which I accumulated excess fat in body. Moreover, children are staying at home only. They are not going to school and park . So they are being stubborn. Their education are in poor condition. I could not meet my friends since last three month. I planned to go out of station for some urgent work but we had to cancel our reservation ticket. Overall, I faced many problem due to corona virus. Now, situation is not much better even today we are facing hurdle in daily life.

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    COVID 19 has given a big blow to my professional activity. I am a technical consultant to three organisations in India. One organisation is in Nagpur, Maharastra. Another one is in Dehradun and the third one is in Hyderabad.
    As all the ways for journeys are closed I couldn't go out of the station from the last 3 months. I was locked down at my native place for two months. Hence I couldn't even go to the Hyderabad site. The payments will be on stage-wise implementation of the projects, I have no payments from the companies from April 2020 to today.
    Of course, I have no problems on the financial front but the whole problem is the continuity of work will suffer a lot and all the projects will get delayed. That is a set back to me.
    As the situation is bad in Maharashtra, I may not be able to go to Maharashtra as of now. same is the case with Dehradun also. I may restart my Hyderabad work from 1st July.
    Personal life is not as bad as I have two granddaughters in my house with me. Playing with them is a real boon

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    This lockdown did not affect the rich and the middle class. It badly affected the lower class and casual workers. The rich and middle class could sit and eat at home, and enjoy life watching TV. But the poor and migrant workers had a tough time without any job and cash for food. Poverty and fear affected them.

    To be frank, I was not affected. As I am a retired government servant, I was not affected. Also, I always keep some sum as a reserve for the rainy days and to meet any emergency requirements. I followed the government's directives "Stay Home - Stay Safe" very strictly. My expenditure during the last four months has come down drastically.

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    Being a retired person I was also not much affected as regards to financial aspects though I have no pension but there are certain things where I perceive my life much affected and almost shattered. First one that I am missing is our seniors morning club where we met in a nearby park during the morning hours ranging from 7 AM to 10 AM. It was great fun to chit-chat and water the plants and walk and talk and clean the big playground cum park which was solely surviving on the volunteer work of the seniors in this area. Right now the park is deserted and no one is daring to go there due to obvious reasons. Another thing is my evening strolls in the market. The evening 1 to 1-1/2 hour time was my free time just leisurely strolling in the nearby market for a change after the afternoon siesta and enjoy the petty shopping on the sides of the road. That was the time to sort out various issues related to the household repairs or fixing time with the mechanics in the electric or hardware stores and to carry out many miscellaneous activities required in our routine lives. I am missing all those things and feeling like a caged bird. I know I do not have wings but earlier I was a free bird.
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    During the first month of lockdown, we could not feel the heat of the crisis as it was just for fifteen days but as and when it spread its octopus hands we all got into its clutches and we're squeezed. The pains may not be wound quickly.
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