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    Do you regret for your failures or feel jealous over others progress?

    The attempt to achieve a target or the goal is simultaneously made by all and only three are adjudged as winners who make to the point of winning in time. Time has been the important criteria in life and those who respect time have always surpassed over the others. But there are people who do not believe in themselves nor have the self-confidence and thus they end up in failures and keep on regretting for the same. Some of them also feel jealous over the systematic progress of the winners but take no pains to correct themselves. What is your action plan on failures?
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    Today we are in a competitive world. There is no excuse here for not doing efforts. There is no way to get success except doing some sustained efforts and focussed actions. Even then sometimes the circumstances might not favour us which we generally label as destiny or luck factor. Jealousy and ill thoughts are natural traits in some of the people and they would always be having these feelings for the successful people. They may or my not make improvement in them as that is entirely a different matter. In some advanced countries, many students know that education is not their cup of tea and they would never be able to make a career in that so they choose something else after completing some basic education and many times become successful because there are good remuneration there for all sort of miscellaneous jobs. In our country unemployment is much and for good positions there is immense competition and the highly qualified people when they do not get selected feel shy in accepting small jobs and sometimes repent for the higher education that they had acquired.
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    We should be jealous of others success. But we should use this jealousy to win over them by our strong working and hard efforts but not by spoiling them. We should regret our failures. But there is no point in simply regretting and leaving. We should use them as the steps for success. We should understand the reasons and rectify those problems, then we will be successful. One should never do the same mistake again and again.
    There is no point in feeling jealous about others without doing your work properly. We have to make the maximum efforts possible to achieve the goal. There is no replacement for hard work.

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