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    How about giving links to the threads on every post raised here

    India Study Channel has been in the Internet world for many years now and we have whole sorts o resources and articles on varied subjects being hoisted daily. Many of the articles are not read by the members and others and hence go unnoticed for many reasons. Therefore we when raise a thread, at least one internal link to our famed articles would be the great idea to promote the members articles and also promote the name and fame of this site. This idea can be tried from today and the ISC admin should be happy over it.
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    The guidelines regarding giving links to contents that have been posted in ISC is clearly spelt out under different heads in this FAQ thread. Providing links is no doubt a good idea but then we need to keep certain points in mind while doing so.
    Firstly, the link should be relevant and related to the content that you are posting.
    Secondly, making it appear as a regular feature may be considered as spam or promotion.
    Thirdly, one should keep in mind that the reader must not feel that you are posting a link just for the sake of it. In other words, you must not manipulate your contents in such a way as to accommodate a word or phrase that would help you in connecting it to a thread or article for the purpose of providing a link.
    Fourthly, the link to which you want to direct a reader must be such that it inspires him to look for more such contents in our site.
    And last, but not the least, it should not convey an indication that one is trying to blow one's own trumpet. One can promote a product (content here) but it should not be within permissible limits and must not irritate one's flow of reading or interfere in one's thought process.
    So, follow the guidelines and be diligent.

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    A good suggestion which is already existing in ISC. But in the forums, we may not have many concerned articles in the resource section of ISC to link with the thread and thread responses.
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    I am citing an example to add to the points I have given in my response above. Just have a look at and also read this thread and the response at #700884 to this thread, both by Mohan. In both the places, the author has given a link to the same article. Hope you got what I meant.
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    The suggestion is good. The author has started that from this very post. This point has been mentioned in the following thread by the Managing Editor.
    submit inter-connected content for the academics' niche
    This post asks to link some useful and connected links to the threads we post. We are seeing that the same is being implemented to some extent. It was not made compulsory.
    There is no problem for giving a link for every thread. But for the sake of giving a link, we should not give. It should be really a connected issue and should be interesting to the person who is reading. Then only the purpose will be served. So it need not be made mandatory but one should try to give as many links as possible for their posts.

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    Only today I started this practice and that is the beginning. Anything cannot be perfect on first attempt.
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    I too tried but sometimes failed to meet the requirements of the editors. It is not an easy task to just add a link. We have the check which article or thread connects to the present content of the thread.
    As the editor has suggested we have to follow the guidelines to connect the links within the threads.

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    It is really good to see that members do post the link of the post that is connected in one way or the other to the post or comments they make. This not only helps the readers but also help the posting member to make similar threads or post again bounce back and help them to get what they are looking for. The things to be kept in mind while posting links is already mentioned by Saji in his comment(#700887). It is not that every time we need to provide a link but whenever we can, it will be useful for readers, members and the site .
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    I give links when the guidelines for TOW contest or Artcile contest specify that. Otherwise I insert links when I refer to some old threads or articles or AE posts as relevant to the context.

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    This is a good idea but the most important point, as indicated by the lead editor also, is that of relevance. So, let the forum post take precedence over the content and topic and then one can link the relevant article by any member of ISC and not necessarily our own articles. In fact we should link better article whomsoever it belongs to. Recently, I wrote one post in which I had opportunity to link an article and I found two recent articles on that topic one by myself and one by some other author. I observed that the other article was quite good in its quality so I chose to link that. My understanding is that whichever article we link it will eventually give ISC to have a chance of increased traffic and if it is beneficial to ISC it would automatically be beneficial to all of us. Let us move ahead with this basic understanding of team work.
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