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    Where do these old platic chairs and tables go?

    We have been using a number of plastic chairs and even small tables for our needs. These are flexible and are branded too. However, these also have a life and repeated use does render them unfit for use. Our servant maid would; patiently stock all such articles that we would discard in one corner of our garden; the guy who comes along every alternate day would happily take the old chair and give her possible a kg of potato. Curious to know what the guy would do would with the plastic bottles or the chairs and tables, he simply said, "I will give it for scrap".

    He really does not know where such scrap goes. What really happens? Are such plastics melted and then reused? Is there technology to melt them without any harm to the environment?

    We never use plastic bags but plastic chairs and tables are still used by millions. Members who have some knowledge of the technology involved may kindly enlighten me and all others. Ultimately, if there is no harm to mother nature, everything is fine.
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    I think the old plastic tables, chairs, buckets, containers and bottles are recycled safely without causing pollution.
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    Chairs which are usually thermoplastic, can be incinerated and recycled. This plastic can then be used for making cheaper and weaker versions of plastic. Plastic can never be turned into zero. They can only be turned into weaker blocks of their past self. But thermosetting plastic chairs will only harden while heating. These can only be discarded.
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    Plastic can be recycled many times. There is a process of melting and making them into small plastic pellets and these pellets can be used for making again some plastic items. Virgin Plastic items are costly than the items which are made with reprocessed plastic. The plastic items made with reprocessed plastic will break easily. If you want higher strength you can not use this reprocessed plastic.
    During melting some hazardous gases will be evolved. For that, we should have a scrubbing system and a tall chimney so that all these scrubbed fumes will be left high in the atmosphere after completely neutralising. There are many units in around Hyderabad and I have visited 3 or 4 units. The process involves separating all foreign particles and then melting them and drawing them into rods. Then the rods will be cut into pellets as per the required sizes.
    A common can't easily identify whether the artic,e is made of virgin plastic or reprocessed plastic.

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