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    Let s say three cheers to organic farming

    The old is not only gold, but one of great interest too. The grand revival of organic farming in many parts of the country and evidences of the soil being saved and people getting to eat better quality vegetables and fruits through best organic farming methods is sought to become the focus of not only debates but also almost a campaign against the use of nitrogenous fertilizers. In Tamil Nadu, the story is perhaps two decades old, piloted and made very famous through the untiring efforts of the late Mr. Namvazhwar, an enviroentalistalist with a clear goal in his life. The MNCs in the fertilizer business sought to demolish his claims. However,he got several teams of farmers to do what he thought was good for all.

    It is in the fitness of things that we go back to the old method of organic farming rightaway and save agriculture as a profession.
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    Organic farming is picking up. Many people are going for these organic vegetables and fruits. But we don't know how far they are really organic? Using chemicals will make the food hazardous and it will have some effects on our health. Many insecticides and pesticides are used in farming and they will be some remnants of these chemicals in the food and that will be harmful to human beings. That is the reason why many people these days are going for organic foods.
    But in organic farming, the yields will be less and as such we may have to pay a little higher price for these products. To see that all will get these foods we have to bring more land into agriculture sector and people should take interest in going for the manures which are organic in nature.

    Once these organic items pick up usage, the requirement of insecticides. pesticides and fertilisers may not be there. Then the companies making these items will be having no market and they may even get closed. Is it going to increase unemployment problem further?

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    In fact the Telangana govt is giving impetus for the organic farming and the state agriculture department goes to each village and teach the benefits of organic farming and also helps in marketing their produced through marketing committees. Even the farmers are going one step forward to set up their own chain of organic farming vegetable outlets which are going well in the urban up scaling areas and the farmer is directly getting benefited for the good produce and great return of money without the middle man. Surely organic farming has the good future in every state of the country.
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    Organic farming was practised by farmers years ago. Off late everyone wants to follow a quick work than a smart work, hence try to complete the tasks quickly. This gives a quick output in production and yields are also better. They are unaware of the drastic impact of it on health.

    Presently there are so many training sessions for farmers about values of organic farming which can replaced pesticides and fertilizers.

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