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    Do you know which is the most linguistically diverse nation ?

    What is the most linguistically diverse nation according to you? Most of you must have immediately thought USA or India.
    The answer is Papua New Guinea. Over 851 languages are spoken in this small island nation in Pacific ocean. It has only a population of 86 lakhs only. Most African countries have more language diversity compared to rest of countries. India comes around 9th in terms of diversity and dispersion of languages.
    Both Koreas, Japan, Iceland, Portugal, Norway, etc..; have very low diversity. They almost homogeneously speak one language only in those countries.

    What do you think about this? Does being linguistically homogenous do good for the unification of people?
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    In that respect, India is far better than other countries. Despite having more than 300+ dialects, we are united as one India and all Indians with different states speaking different languages. Good that the British taught us English to be united with a common foreign language. All English - Even while speaking our mother tongue, we mix 50% English in it.
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    One nation one language. This concept may be good to have unity among the people. The communication will be easy. If we go to the interior of Tamilnadu, you can't manage without knowing Tamil. Similarly. If we go to the interiors of Andhra Pradesh you can't manage without understanding Telugu. If the whole country speaks a single language this problem will not be there. But except for a few countries, all countries are having more than one language.

    the author has given a piece of very good information and it is really interesting to know a small island is having so many languages and there are so many languages for a total population of 86 lakhs.

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