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    Lets accept realities about the economy

    Those who are die-hard supporters of the ruling New Delhi dispensation often sing peans of praise about the rulers. The rather insane argument about the economy is that someone is undoing what was done in decades and hence six years is not enough to do anything.

    Those who advance such rather essentially absurd arguments are missing the woods for the trees. Long before Covid, the real employment in terms of regular jobs was declining year after year. The Govt allowed contractual employment and literally brought the unorganized sector and the small scale sector through demonitization and the ill-managed GST,to the greatest misery.

    The cheap Chinese goods sold like hotcakes. The big Indian brands announced "extra" offers every single day and had reduced profit margins. Those without regular jobs were left in lurch.

    The banks still have liquidity problems today, only because of steep decline in demand. Even today, in hundreds of districts where strict lockdown is not enforced, one can find millions of takers for cheap food sold on pavements. This is one sure sign of where the economy is heading. There is just no big money to spend.

    The game is one of survival for millions. Let us accept mistakes and at least now stimulate demand though the best economic actions. We are yet to see any big revival of demand at all. And this is the crux of the big story of the biggest economic decline since Independence.
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    I have seen many such posts from the author blaming the present Central government and saying as if this government alone is responsible for the present state of affairs in the country.
    Instead of taking in a general way and blaming the government, let us analyse the situation where the government did wrong and what are the ways in front of them at this point of time to revive the economy. Let us suggest alternative ways and means if we have with us and come out with some good suggestions. That is more useful than simply blaming the present government for their all actions.

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    Time again the author has been generalizing the fact there was only problems in India and rest of the world is prosperous and doing wonders. At present all the nations are sailing on the same boat and there was economic crisis for a while. Now everything came back to track and in fact performing well. The reason of so many migrants coming back and joining their old jobs was cleverly gone unnoticed by the author. The promulgation of lock down was always blamed and the Modi govt is at the receiving end. Then how come the associations in Telangana like cloth merchants, Kirana shops merchants, bangle store merchants and even the jewelers association are closing the market on their own without asking for. That means people are happy and ready to forgo anything for the cause of life and that is called adjustments.
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