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    The jingle of all bangles is back once again...

    Around two years ago, I had talked about how the college going girls and even young educated and employed women had almost given up on wearing bangles at all, claiming that "it was old-fashioned". Today, things are back to square one. Belief and faith in God and religious practices are back with a difference. The temples are closed. Yet, townships are relatively small and have the very small temples. We can now see hundreds of women visiting such temples and, as per the age-old custom,all of them wear the glass bangles. The jingles are back again.

    The fear of the corona virus has brought back faith in God and even those who were somewhat detached, are now doing Pooja's within houses with local priests. One does hope that the vaccine or some drug is found out as soon as possible. The economy has already taken the worst beating. We need to really have faith in the Supreme now, much more than ever before. It's also time that the temples start opening once again.
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    True. Many people are having the fear in their mind. They can't avoid going out to earn their livelihood. They don't know from where the Virus will come. Even the individual is taking all the precautions, there is no guarantee. That is making them have faith in the superpower. Before this virus, some people were thinking that they are the supremes and they can control anything and everything. But after seeing the havoc created by this unknown virus, everyone understood how great they are? Probably that is making people go to temples, performing poojas and other worships.
    From my early days, I have a habit of going to a temple every Sunday. But I missed that during this lockdown. After reopening the temples, I could go to the temple today. I observed that people are very careful and everyone is following the social distance there.
    It is good to know that people are understanding the importance of our old habits and switching back to them. I hope the virus should go but these good habits which are being followed by people in recent times after virus could continue to be there.

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    Strange is your thread. Bangles are not new. Bangles always jingle on the hands of women 24x7. All except the rich prefer to wear glass bangles. Wearing bangle is a tradition and culture. Your thread has no relevance to the title and the summary.
    No life without Sun

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    Every girl or women is fond of artistic bangles. Some prefer glass bangles, others may prefer iron, steel or decorative bangles. Those being able to afford to prefer gold bangles.
    People are getting more leisure time as they are at home hence they are giving more preference for prayers.

    Every human being delivers his or her prayers in different ways. There is no hard and fast rule that they have to visit the temple. Usually, the temple atmosphere rejuvenates and gives peace of mind. It is true that people are living in fear and praying the Almighty to show them a ray of hope. There is Kannada thought "sankata bundaga venkataramana", which means when there are more problems we remember God. This is done through the ages by our people as this attitude will never change.

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    Sun Sir, I think you hail from Tamil Nadu. You see, when families visit any temple, the women normally wear glass bangles. Across all communities. In particular, Tamil Brahmins. This was sought to be broken by the educated young women, who would visit temples but happily wear churidars. This has happened over the past decade in so many places and I had observed it. Yes, you are correct. The rich normally wear only gold bangles.

    During this Corona virus scare, the big temples are closed. But in villages, we have the small temples and very early in the morning, the Pooja's are conducted. The educated "work from home" women have also started wearing glass bangles and sarees and all that. This is exactly what I wanted to convey. There are television images too. And I go on getting video images of my close relatives and friends. Seeking divine help is all but natural. Possibly people feel the remote villages in districts like Theni and Tirunelveli are very safe. Yes, even pandits wear masks but the Pooja's do take place in the small temples. What I meant is at least partial revival of good, and old traditions. I do not know if you know. Almost one hundred percent women, including the very rich, wear glass bangles when they visit the Kanchi Mutt at Kanchipuram. That almost 98 percent belong to one community is another point.

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    What I feel that wearing the bangles is the part of women beautification additional items which would enhance their looks and makes a lasting impression. Why the bangles are worn because in those days the village home were of big size and the house holds would be moving around with varied tasks. And when someone calls them for urgent attention the sound of bangles would determine whether they paid heed to the calling. Though the modern girls are averse to wear the glass bangles which can create wonderful fashion statement, probably they are keeping out of it because the bangles would broke down at the slightest possible touch with any object and thus breaking of bangles also treated as bad omen coming forth. Good that the bangle culture is coming again and the girls are wearing the same.
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    The bangle is a women's wear. Modern and educated girls and women wear a wristwatch and forgo bangles. However, all women get married and deliver. Before their first delivery, while they are on the seventh month, there is a function called "Seemandham" in which the pregnant women would be adorned with bangles. Every relative attending the function would place a bangle on her hand. Whether rich or poor, there is no escape from this tradition of wearing glass bangles.

    I don't think there was any reduction in the sale of bangles. At times, glass bangles run shortage. As technology changes, glass bangles are replaced by plastic and ceramic bangles.

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    Bangles have always been an attraction for the women whether they wear it or not. Most of them desire to wear them during the marriage ceremony. In Northern India it is very common and especially in festival or Puja times, women wear a large number of bangles covering their wrists fully. Bangles have changed in their types and designs significantly and have been fashion icons during many instances in the past. So today if the women in some areas have started wearing them in a good amount then it signifies that the trend is catching in these areas and naturally they would either be going in that attire to a temple or some social function only. Anyway, it is a good change and would help in fighting monotony also.
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    "college going girls and even young educated and employed women had almost given up on wearing bangles at all,"
    "All except the rich prefer to wear glass bangles."
    "Modern and educated girls and women wear a wristwatch and forgo bangles."
    - What appalling stereotyping.

    As for the main topic, going to a temple may have nothing whatsoever to do with the fear of the pandemic. This is pure generalization. If a temple has opened, it may just be that, as usual, people are visiting it to pray because of their faith that has always been there. As for wearing bangles, why not? Bangles , like earrings and other accessories are worn by many women, including me, when they step out. The variety - glass, gold, silver - will vary as per choice.

    It is also mentioned that it is time temples are opened again. Well, a few have been opened in some States, but it is not a necessity to do so everywhere, considering the number of infections rising daily in an alarming manner. Simply having faith is more than enough; not going to a place of worship, not doing a ritual or a puja is not really required.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Yes Madam. I agree faith is important. We are seeing some revival of faith in a big way.

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    Young girls like and feel happy to dress up and use make-up in variety. We also feel happy when our little daughters or nieces running and playing cheerfully and their bangles make jangling noise.
    Mothers have a remote monitoring of little children by hearing the sound of bangles and anklets. As far as she hears that sound she feels secure that the child is near and playing. The moment it stops the mother will rush out and look for the child and ensure that everything is okay. So everything has its serious purpose and the feel -good factor like beauty and belonging.
    We need not try to go deep and try to find special meaning in college girls wearing bangles or not wearing. Girls of such age just like to try variety and like to belong to their age group, but at same time make some difference or improvisation.
    It is tradition to give and ear bangles during certain festivals. There are temples where the devotee offers bangles to the deity goddess and the same is distributed back to all devotees. So bangles have their role in various ways. Whenever we visit new places my wife used to buy special and new type bangles for our nieces. They used to enjoy wearing them matching to their dress.

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