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    Which is your favorite home remedy?

    Home remedies are followed in our country for ages. My grandmother-in-law and my mother has numerous home remedies for almost all problems. However, my favorite home remedies are rice water (for hair fall and skin), black gram soup (for winterly problems), and carom seeds+ mint leaves water (for stomach related issues). I follow these on a regular basis.

    Which is your favorite and regularly used home remedy? How it helped you?
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    My regular home remedies.
    Ginger juice - Once in a month (100 ml)
    Oil bath - Twice in a month (Gingelly oil 100 ml))
    Bowl clearance - Once in a quarter ( Take an ayurvedic tablet previous night (or) take a spoon of pure castor oil)
    Vendaya Kali (Fenugreek mix) once in a quarter (It contains Raw rice - blackgram -Gingelly oil -Gud)

    The above items keep us in good health forever.

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    When we visit our relative house which amid open area, we find some yellow flower called Avaram poo in Tamil and that is used as shampoo and also to get rid of lies and dandruff. People would not believe and does not know that this flower has the quality of rich lather and conditioning which is equivalent to shampoo. The dirt in the hair along with the dandruff would be completely cleaned. And for cleaning the sore throat we use the ginger, lemon and added with jeera and black pepper, the decoction is prepared to give the lasting sooth for the soaring throat and the next day we have clear throat.
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    True. There are many home remedies for many of our health problems. In our house, we have many such practices. We will be using the black pepper extract for cold and cough. If there are any symptoms of cold or cough, we will take some quantity of black pepper and powder it and then boil it with water. Once the boiling is completed and the extract is ready 2 or 3 spoons of that extract will be directly taken or drink with hot milk or hot water. By doing the same for 2 or 3 days, the cold and cough will come down. Similarly taking cummin seeds and chewing them will improve your digestion. This also we practice.
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    Yes, I believe in the home remedies in some of ailments such as Cough and Cold, stomach issues such as constipation and indigestion, cramping of any body parts etc. The results are highly satisfying without having side effects.
    Triphala Churna is a great remedy for the constipation and for which roughly one tea spoon of this powder manufactured by a reputed pharmaceutical is taken half an after dinner along with some hot water. This is to be consumed three nights in a row and give a gap of a night so that body is not addicted with this medication. It would certainly take care of your constipation and gas issues.
    Take a small piece of Ginger 15 minutes before your meal, this will improve appetite and gas problem.
    Boil one tea spoon of Jeera along with 150 ml of water and boil the same till its volume is reduced to half consume the same regularly in the empty stomach in the morning for at least a fortnight, this concoction is excellent in reducing your weight particularly in the belly area.
    For good digestion take some amount of fennel seed after the meal and chew it properly. This will take care of your digestion.

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    Sometimes I get nausea in the morning. In such cases I just take a few pieces raw ginger, cut into ver small pieces and eat t with Jaggery. Usually I get relief soon.
    Then, for headaches during cold and humid climate, I apply hot fomentation on forehead and back of neck.

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    There are many home remedies available right in our kitchen cupboard and some of them are very effective and relieve us from many disorders in our body. As they are natural materials, they do not have any side effects or actions unlike the allopathic remedies. In our country home remedies are very popular and we used to usually get that knowledge from our grandmothers. I am often having problem of acidity in my stomach and came to know about the amazing use of Ajwain (Carom) seeds and started taking that after the food. It immediately subdues the reflexes of acidity in our chest area and gives complete relief.
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    Home remedies are always passed on to the new generations similar to the ancestral properties which always gains value from time to time in meeting the health requirements within the four walls of a house.

    As lockdown is a time to rejuvenate ourselves at home, I browsed over the net in search of home remedies to overcome dark elbows when I came across an article on
    home remedies to lighten up knees and elbows. The remedies suggested were helpful. I too use a few home remedies to keep myself healthy. Hope this will give support to all here.

    I prefer drinking jeera, pepper and ginger mixed boiled water at least once a week. Eat dry fruits once in a week by changing the fruits every time. I use honey and crushed pepper powder for dry cough.

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    When we talk about home remedies, there are many that we follow or have heard about. One of the best and always followed home remedy followed by me is the saliva remedy. Whenever I have acne or pimples or spots or dark spots, etc, I apply the early morning saliva on it. It not only helps to cure but even helps to get fast relief from it and even the black spots reduce after certain days.

    There are many other home remedies that are available on our ISC site for various problems which I have put together for members and readers to help us get to know more about it. The first home remedy is for common cold during monsoon season , the second is to prevent tooth cavities , the third is for Cough , the fourth is to reduce and to maintain belly fat and the fifth for 15 common diseases . There are many more and you can get every information in our ISC site through the search option.

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    Usually, there are so many home remedies followed in houses. If there is an earache one can take little fresh vegetable or coconut oil in which few fleshy scales of garlic are boiled. After cooling, few drops of this oil are poured into the ear definitely within little time the earache will be completely removed. If a tooth is paining, take little piece or powder of hinge and apply it on it. Immediately you find heavy relief. If honey bees bite, apply coconut oil and you can get relief. If you feel cough, take the boiled decoction of Pepper and it will give great relief. When you get severe cold, inhale vapors from boiled water mixed with turmeric. To get relief from gas formation, jeera powder mixed with water to be drunk. Now we are seeing such jeera medicine is sold in medical shops. If we find there is a lot of upset in the stomach and a vomiting sensation is there, take little paste of ginger, jeera, salt, and lemon juice mixed and eat it and immediately we get a lot of relief. For indigestion, chew little quantity of Ajwan seeds.

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    There are many items in our household which we can use as home remedies for various purposes. I generally use lemon in water for keeping myself immune to outside virus attacks on the body.
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    @Dr. Rao, I liked the black pepper remedy. I will definitely try it for my family whenever required.
    @Sheo Shankar Jha, I don't believe in weight loss remedies as weight is reduced only when calorie deficit is created in our body. I have studied a lot on this topic and reduced my weight. Check this

    I loved various home remedies shared by my dear members. These will surely help me.


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    We, in our house, used to prepare the lunch itself in a medicinal way every week. Every Sunday our mother prepare Kuzhambu (sambar without dal) by using sundaikkai(turkey berry), Mithukka vaththal (thummati vaththal). For Rasam one week garlic rasam, other week rasam with long pepper. The same is followed by my wife also in my house.
    Besides this one Sunday morning my mother used to grind betal leaves,garlic loaf, ajwain, asafotida, salt and this mixture is given to us everybody. Other Sunday the tender leaves of neem leaves grind with ajwain and salt and given to all of us.

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