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    The rising importance of e-learning

    The pandemic has made schools, universities, and companies remote working, which expands the usage of online learning.

    All those online learning companies have a large amount of user data, which allows those platforms to use computer learning algorithms that can improve the learning patterns of people. For example, when a student regularly struggles with a concept at the course, and the platform can adjust the e-learning content to provide more precise information to help the student. The immediate feedback loops inside the programs provided by other online learners or the platform improve the learning curve. It also allows shy or more reserved people to participate in class discussions more easily than face-to-face class sessions.
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    Coming days are for eLearning only. Classroom teaching may come down and e-learning will be on the rise. Every process will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, this process is also having many advantages but there may be one or two drawbacks also. However when there are n alternatives we should go for the available one only.
    As mentioned by the author more easy ways and better ways can be designed for the student to have a better understanding of the subjects. Similarly, the doubts the student has can be clearly explained to his tutor without any problem.
    But India has to go a long way to get this system implemented all over the country especially in villages where the people are not having all the facilities needed for this. The teachers should also get properly trained in this methodology which is a big task before the government.

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    The importance of e-learning is increasing and it has got much more significance in this corona pandemic. Students have immensely suffered in the lockdown, therefore, they have no other option but to go for online learning. But does our students have access to the internet and other prerequisite gadgets for learning online. Data shows the disparity in the availability of facilities required for students. It is fine to disseminate education to students online as we have no other option left to deliver lessons for the students. Therefore, the need is to provide facilities for every student so no one is left out of this learning process.

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    Electronics and Digitalisation has influenced our lives in all spheres and ways. So it is just natural that it influences education sector too. Most of the inventions and applications came as per our needs and our ever increasing search for comfort and convenience. We develop new solutions to solve our problems. As of now E-learning is such a solution to tide over the special situation of schools and colleges not opening due to compulsions of Covid.
    E leaning also was here as an improved form of distance learning. Now that is applied to the current situation also.
    We o not know what fresh problems we may face in future. At that time there may be some better developments and applications in e-leaning or an altogether new invention and application.
    Change is always happening and we have faced and adopted innumerable changes till now. In future also there will be changes and we will accept and adopt them also.

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    e-learning was already there and was picking up in a steady pace across the globe as many knowledge dissemination portals came into the existence in the internet world. The present pandemic gave it a big boost and suddenly the demand for it sky rocketed. Every school and institution today is talking of e-learning in one way or other. If they want to survive and prosper then there is no other alternative than go for e-learning mode. Once this mode stabilises and recovers from early teething troubles then it is going to satay for a long time in the educational arena.
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    In the initial days when E-learning was introduced, it was a paid version for those who could afford. Now E-learning has extended its hands to reach almost all the students for the first time because of COVID-19.
    This has given the basic ideas of using technology as a part of learning. This lesson takes them to a long way as suggested students come out of shyness to answer the queries.
    In the initial days, I was not aware of the benefits of online learning but after I moved my eyes through this article on the major benefits of online learning and also understood that during lockdown the online platforms are providing free access as a support to students, it became my top priority as education is a necessity for every child.

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