Let us all remember Sri Narasimha Rao on his 100th birthday.

The multi-talented and multi-linguistic specialist and the Chanyaka of Moden India and our Ex-Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao's 100th birthday is being celebrated this day all over India.
He has no family back up for his political career. He has no groups to support him. Even in Lok Sabha, he was not having a full majority. But he managed and lead the country with a lot of commitment. He is the sculptor for the IT industry in India and he found a goof finance minister in Manmohan Sigh.

His shrewd political moves taken the country towards a better financial position. He is the father of reforms in India. I pay my rich tributes to this Gentleman on his centenary. The Telangana State government is planning year-long celebrations to honour this only Prime Minister so far from Telugu states.