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    Off-campus picnics and field trips

    We sure loved going on school picnics, college excursions and perhaps an industrial visit, too, didn't we? It was interesting to do something off the routine path on campus and go outside on a trip with faculty. There were trips that were just purely recreational in nature, simply to have fun, while others were related to some subject that was part of our curriculum. Once in a while, we were required to prepare an individual or team project on it as well.

    Do you recall any of your wonderful off-campus trips at the school, college or university level? Any trips that were to another city or State, perhaps as part of an educational study abroad trip as well? Let's reminisce and share our experiences.
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    In our school days only day trip was undertaken. Overnight stay trips were not there. The trip used to start early morning from school and reach back by early night. One such outstation trip was to Malampuzha Dam near Palakkad in Kerala. The lights and fountains were a unique sight in those days. So spending time during afternoon and evening we moved around in the parks and play area. Then we were ready just before sunset to se the lighting and the fountains shining under colour lights. Immediately after that we had to rush back as we had to reach back before it is late.
    I had bought a Peacock made in clay with lovely decorations and real feathers. But on reaching home and while proudly trying to show my parents, I almost wept because the clay peacock was broken to two or three pieces. It seems that while returning I slept on the school bag in which the clay item was kept. Then my mother took a lot of paint to fix it using glues etc. But the original look was not there.

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    During my school days at Tuticorin, while I was in the seventh standard, my school took me on an excursion to Courtalam, a hill resort famous for waterfalls. The school charged only Rs. 5/- from each student for the excursion. My father gave me Rs. 2/- to meet my expenses and also to fetch some red banana from Courtalam. We get varieties of fruits there.

    We started our journey by an ordinary passenger train at 1300 hrs. During the journey, one of our teachers Mr. Sahayam taught an English song " We shall overcome, We shall overcome, We shall overcome... someday…O' Deep in my heart, I do believe, we shall overcome someday" and asked us to sing with him. That was the first English song I learned in my life. We reached Courtalam at 1800 hrs. It was about 100 kms journey.

    On reaching Tenkasi, the nearby railway station to courtalam, we alighted and walked three Kms to Courtralam. As it was dusk hours, we were not permitted to move anywhere. We had our tiffin ( Four idlies, each idly costing 5 paise only) and slept in a school dormitory provided for us.

    The next day, we got up and were taken to the waterfalls for a bath and returned to the dormitory for breakfast. After breakfast, we were asked to go around the town freely to make purchases. Before leaving the dormitory, when I checked my shoulder bag for my Rs. 2/- to buy fruits for my dad, I found the cash missing. Someone had stolen it while I was sleeping. What to do? I had nothing with me to buy anything. I never wanted to beg my friends for some cash. I did not tell anyone about the loss of cash.

    In the afternoon, after the lunch (Meal cost only 60 paise), we boarded the train and returned to Tuticorin and reached home safely. When My dad asked for the fruits, I narrated my cash loss. He said, "Don't worry. It happens."

    An unforgettable day in my life.

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    During my school days we used to go on picnics mostly to nearby temples and after having the usual Puja there, we would be enjoying time with family and friends. At that time it was very common to prepare food there itself as a lot of jungle woods would be available and there would be some old wooden stove where we had to sit down and burn the woods and prepare some food there. The easiest to prepare was potato bhaji and Poori as we took all those provisions and a few utensils with us. It was really a great fun to prepare food there itself and then enjoy the whole day in that place which usually was on the top of a hillock with greenery around.
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    When I was doing my graduation then I was asked to take part in NCC as I was told that it has some marks given to the candidates when they applied for jobs in various places. Anyway, I also joined it and after about 6-7 months we were told that there is NCC camp for 10 days in some place about one day bus journey far from our town. We all went there and learned how to erect a camp and then took our food in a common place slept as we all were tired after one day journey. We were next day asked to assemble and were told the daily routine which was too much for a person like me who liked to read his books rather then going for walks or exercising rigourously. We were asked to walk 10-12 km in the morning and then there were rounds of games and plays all related to physical exercises and we were also taught how to fire a gun.

    That was an entirely different experience for a student like me who used to go to library in the evening and always busy with studies or reading novels and stories. It gave me a new perspective about our life and I learned a lot of things from that NCC camp trip. It is preserved in my memory like a memorable experience.

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    School trips were organised every year from our school but I could only go for three trips up to secondary school. We really enjoyed the trip with friends to talkadu, Shivani Samudra falls. The school had arranged food and snacks for us. We did not have smartphones to take selfies but it is caught in our brain memories and recalled through this thread. We were charged only Rs.50/- but that was quite a big amount as we could manage a month's school fees. We played together in the water, enjoyed splashing at each other's face. We all went in the discipline in uniform but why returning we were all in a colour dress.
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    I have many such experiences. While in high school I have some trips like that. During my college studies also I have some and when I was in my PG also I have such experience. Even during my career, I have the fortune of having such an experience. But the best out of that is my visit to the industry during my high school studies.
    I was in my 8th class. Our class teacher took permission from the Head Master to take our class students to an excursion of two days to the nearby city. A visit to a big paper making industry in that particular city and the second day was for site seeing in that city. Around 30 students showed their willingness to go for that. I was one among them. Our science teacher also accompanied us. So the class teacher and the science teacher are our caretakers.
    The visit to that paper industry was a very good experience and I was delighted to see the reactors and other machinery there and that visit only made me make a decision that I should have my career in such industry.

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