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    During a war, public should ignore media reports.

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    During a war between the countries, the public should ignore the media reports. Why I say this because the media is the culprit that changes the mindset of people and demoralize a country or favour a country knowingly or unknowingly. Secrecy is important during the war. Media should not play with defense-related issues, especially during war.

    An example to quote.
    During a war between countries A and B, the A country was fighting well with one of its ships at sea. The ship destroyed many ships and land targets. The A country kept the ship's movements secret, and the enemy country B could not locate the ship belonging to Country A. Country B was losing the war and lost all its hopes.

    Then, the enemy country B thought of a plan and propagated that the ship from country A was destroyed and sunk. This was reported in the local Newspapers of country A. The public of country A demoralized and felt that they are going to lose the war against country B.

    At this juncture, the country A published in their media that their ship is safe and sound in position so and so. Thus, Country B came to know the location of the ship and their ships reached the position and destroyed the ship, and won the battle.

    Never believe the media reports, especially during the conflicts.
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    I too have noticed similar information over many years. It is not only related to wars but others too. We have to understand the situation and use our common sense to analyse the issues.
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    During the war Indian public should know what is happening at the ground zero and for that the armed forces bulletin or the Doordharshan need to be believed and no other media report should be given credence. In fact govt should ban the private media which takes sides during war and that would affect the moral of the armed forces. By the way every citizen are duty bound to join for any services in the war. We have to support our brave soldiers and other front like armed forces officers who are ready to show their support to the country. We as the citizen can help their families and be the support to them during the crisis.
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    These days war is fought with information. It is information warfare. Enemies try to mislead enemies by feeding misinformation and demoralizing the forces and the country. So, there should be no information leaked to the public. Let the force fight with their might. Misleading information causes defeat. Media should be made silent during war.
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    Media plays a major role in everything in the country. Be it information, reports, development, politicians or parties, technologies, weather, etc. It is said that media should not be biased and should be for the people. It should help the people and the government together. It should provide correct information with truthful evidence to the public that will help the people and bring in better governance. Nowadays the the role of media in our society? has changed and we see them very biased. The media have started favouring certain group or party or politicians and thus only highlights what they are paid for. It is true that in times of tension in the country due to pandemics or war, the media should play a fair role but even there they have a bend towards their favouring party or government. The worst role of media was seen in the terrorist attack of 26/11 where they were able to watch every movement of our force through the updates provided by the media to increase their so-called TRP and that took many lives of common man, police and forces. As mentioned in the post that the media should have a line which not be crossed and should know what to show, how much to show and the effect of it on people, country and world. As we can never expect media to play a fair game as they are ruled by money and politicians or industrialist, it is the people who have to cut the media and ignore media reports by just one source. Let the public take their own decision by going through various sources to understand and know what is right and what is the truth than just being and blind supporter.
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    We should be able to differentiate between the media channels. There are discreet groups in media and while one group is giving correct information the other group is giving wrong or misleading information and we should be careful about it.
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    Modern day conventional war has been changed completely because of technological advancement in war tactics also.

    During the gulf war the embedded journalists of US media while sharing the seat with soldiers in armoured vehicles of US army were doing live coverage and reporting from the battle field without any fear of their exact location getting known to their enemies.

    Now a days all the maneuvering of troops can easily be located by satellite cameras. What the author has emphasised about wrong information spread by enemies can be effective if targeted people of enemy country have accessibility to their media and this is not possible during war.

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    If the media gives false information to the public, they will be in a tense situation. So what is happening there in the battle need not be given live coverage to the people and they can be given the correct summary of the day's happenings there. For that, we should rely more on the Doordarshan news. Some private channels with some vested interests may unnecessarily give wrong information. So we should not take them as authenticated news. The news in Social media also to be completely ignored in such a situation. Only the government agencies will be the only reliable agencies.
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