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    Diary writing- Do you still maintain this habit? Share your unforgettable incidents.

    Scrolling back the cursor of my memories to a few years, I memorized the wonderful habit of maintaining the diary and writing everyday a unique and unforgettable experience. When I took the diary in my hand I found a number of incidents listed in it varying from childish and innocent moves to some victorious achievements. But each and every incident made me live the moment again. I realized that those incidents are far better than the selfies taken today. They were more natural and appealed the heart to a level that one could easily feel as if sitting in a time machine and living the era again.
    With the advancement of technology gadgets including mobiles and laptops, slowly started taking the place of diaries. The habit of writing was converted to the habit of typing. Though new and advanced techniques are always pleasant and attractive yet they lack a certain features especially the sentimental and emotional touch.
    You must have written many notes and daily incidents in your diary, some of which must be still very close to your heart and even soul. Some might have taught you a lesson, others may have boosted your emotional corners. Can you share any such incident quoted in your diary many years back but still alive as has happened today.

    Also mention when and why you stopped writing diaries which still provokes your longing desire to share. Can we give it a try again- from today- by initiating diary writing again?
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    I haven't left the Diary writing habit. Before going to bed, I have the habit of writing all the events taken place on that day. I do not have a costly decorated diary, but only a hundred-page long notebook that goes on for three years. A few months back, I raised the same topic in this forum section.

    However, to bring out an unforgettable event in my life that is recorded in my diary is THIS . Just read and enjoy the event that happened in my life.

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    There was a time when we had invariably a diary with us and that was not only the place where we jotted down certain memories but also contained a lot of addresses, details, miscellaneous notes etc. In fact diary was a great place to write something which was important and to be used later. That time we had a craze for diaries and most of the times we got it from some of the relatives who worked in different companies where diaries and calendars were provided to the employees and customers. Very rarely I had purchased a diary as I always got it so easily from these people. My last diary pertains to the 1995 -2000 era and after that things drastically changed as small slips of papers took its place which were then discarded after use. Today if I want to write or store something I use the memo facility in my mobile and sometimes the old habit of keeping some slips in pocket is also continuing where small things are jotted down and once done these slips are thrown in the dust bin. One note that I found in my old diary was about my success in some departmental contest on technical matters where one of my technical paper was selected in the top few ones and we were awarded prize for that. The note says - 'Today I feel that my hard work of last so many years has resulted in this award and I feel so happy that a long cherished desire is met.' A lot of water has flown below the bridge since then and today I do not keep any such diary with me for jotting down the current incidents.
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    If I am not mistaken, this topic of keeping a diary has been discussed many times in our forum.
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    Your rooster story is extremely good. It's the faith in God that keeps us honest and alive.
    Umesh sir,
    Your award winning contest note made me recollect many such incidents which boosted confidence in me as well. The chits and slips are of course today also alive in the pockets of our jackets and blazers. Beautifully written by you.
    Vandana ma'am,
    I wasn't aware if the thread has been discussed upon or posted in the forum earlier. I do apologize for this unaware repetition of the thread.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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    I am having the habit of maintaining the diaries since my childhood, and even today I have the habit of updating the same every evening in which I mention the income and expenses and how much money is being spent every month extra or any saving made in one month. And by writing diaries we can prove those who say that they have not been ;paid the money like the milk vendors, provision store and other expenses. And over the period of time I can refer to the old diaries and see how much was the earning how the expenses have been increased and important events of the family is also recorded.
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    I was maintaining diaries till 2010. But not for writing my personal issues. The dairy used to contain all official matters. Things to do, actions completed, calls to be made and other details I used to maintain. Later on, I switched over to small spiral pocketbooks. Every day one page, put that date and write on the page. Once all the points write on that page are over I used to discard that paper. The same practice is in force even today.
    I am not having the habit of writing a diary and I never noted down any issue in the personal diary. My wife will be making a diary noting the expenses of every day. But now she also stopped that. It is a good habit to note down and keep a record of various happenings in our life. That will help us to review the matter and feel happy. But in my busy professional life, I never find some time to do that. Really, I feel sometimes for that lapse. But now I have no interest to start that now.

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    I had used diary but for slightly different purposes. During my student life I used to jot down the salient points of my class work and tried to memorise them so that during exam I could elaborate on those headings. being an art (humanities) student this worked well for me and I continued this habit even after that in my married life to note down certain tips or important things about dish making or household things so that I can see them time to time to freshen myself and it also did help me immensely as I can boast of running my household in a quite proficient manner.
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    Forum discussions related to Diary writing has been there off and on regularly. Usually such threads are initiated during December-January.
    I do not have a habit of writing diary. I don't diarise anything on personal matters. When I was employed I used the diary to note down 'to do' things. I used to write just Happy New Year in the first page (Ist January) and then leave it like that mostly. After years such diaries become useful to note laundry and ironing accounts or for making list of grocery purchase list.

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    My personal dairy took its birth in 1996 but I sent it to roam around the world to reach me again in 2000. It stayed with me for about two years and as usual, it started its foreign trip. It could not manage my hinderances although it managed to stay with my husband from 2013 to 2016 but changed its style. Took rest for about three years and has finally arrived into my hands, suggesting that it preferred staying with me. Yes, you already have understood, it changes its style now and then. If I do not accept again it will move for a world tour.
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