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    Drive the nail aright!

    After going through the topic for TOW, my thoughts immediately took me to the school days and made me recall this poem -
    I quote:
    "Drive the nail aright, boys, Hit it on the heads ;
    Strike with all your might, boys, While the iron's red.

    When you've work to do, boys, Do it with a will ;
    They who reach the top, boys, First must climb the hill.

    Standing at the foot, boys, Looking at the sky,
    How can you get up, boys, If you never try?

    Though you stumble oft, boys, Never be downcast ;
    Try and try again, boys -- You will win at last."

    It was so inspirational but the little young mind was so immature to learn the total concept of the poem and effort by the teacher to make us understand at the age of just 12 or 13. But we were quick to byheart it unknowingly every stanza would influence us in the later years.

    Yes, life is not the same in every context, unless we try, we can't achieve the best and never lose hope. You may not be successful in the first stroke but try for it until you win. Looking at the sky means dreaming something without making an effort. Strike with all might when the iron is red refers to availing the opportunity with hard work which is on hand.

    Thus certain quotes and poems which we come across in the initial years would influence us in some form or other in the latter part of our life. If such lessons are dealt with properly during the course of education, there is no need for motivation and treating for depression etc., in the future. What do you say?

    A TOW entry.
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    It is true that many prose or poetry we learned during our school were just for the sake of passing our class. Many of it was just like bouncers which would bounce from our head and we would not understand the real meaning of it unless we come to a stage where it again comes to our mind and we go to the deep meaning or root of it. Every lesson we had in our English, Hindi, or any other language was worth an inspiration, motivation or a lesson but many were just a lesson or poem for us. We had many stories or poems of great writers that we have learned but very few were liked or understood. It so happens that at that tender age, we are not that much curious to learn or we are distracted by other things that we leave it aside. As mentioned by the writer, every line of the poem when we understand gives an in-depth meaning of life. It can be taken as an inspirational or motivational poem but when we were in 6th or 7th standard, many could have actually understood the real meaning it had. Thanks for sharing such a lovely;y poem that many might have learned but was left in the corner without much attention but gave a good lesson to the growing youths.
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    A nice recollection made by the author. The irony in our lives is that we do not get determination and zeal early in our lives and by the time we get these attributes, it is too late to correct our courses. There are very few, may be by the grace of the God, who realise these things early in their lives and present a spectacular show of progress and success. Many people consider it as a God gift also. In my native town in our local dialect there is a saying - 'Umarai ucklai bhaint na huni'. Which simply means that when we are young we are not wise enough to work hard and by the time we become wise, it is too late as we are old enough to do any thing. Anyway, it does not mean that young people should sit idle and do not attempt for progress in their lives. In fact knowing all this they should take it as a challenge to show that they can work hard and show the results and prove this saying wrong at least in their individual cases.
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    In my view driving the nail means to do a right thing at right time. In our student life we have so many distractions that we cannot concentrate in our studies and then our result is also not satisfactory. But this realisation comes late and then there is nothing except feeling sorry about that.
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    I agree with the author. Some of the poems and quotes will inspire us a lot and they will teach us many points if we really understand them properly. To attain the success we have to put our efforts. With out putting our efforts. we should not expect success. You have to put your efforts. If you want to touch the sky you have to jump. Instead of that if you stand on the ground see in the sky there is no use. Very well said. The author also cautioned that in this process you may have some hardships. But never stop attempting for that. Then you will be successful. Never close the book, turn the page. Good post from the author.
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    School time is primarily the time when language subjects are only for increasing the percent. Hence, studying poetries, learning them and their paraphrases by heart is simply a mean to take our percentage to a hike so that none can take our Pre- determined first, second or third rank.
    But certain poems, with our growing age, maturity and experience strike us right on the lobes of mind, giving not only a self - motivation but also suggesting ways of being strong and facing obstacles with incubating efforts and catapulting ourselves to mountains of hardwork without getting shrunk under the pathetic, adverse conditions.
    These poems are never recalled by us, sitting on the chair and sucking at the end of the pen rather they themselves find space in our subconscious mind and appear in front of us whenever we feel dejected or discouraged. They guide us, teach us, help us and serve as our mentors leaving an optimistic impression with a key of success in our mind.

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    We have to complete the tasks as and when we get an opportunity. It is also said nail it straight, we have never keep it half done. As correcting the mistakes pulls a lot of energy, time and it is a cumbersome process.
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    The author recalls the poem even after many years at the proper context means that the poin was driven properly into the student's mind by the teacher.
    Even today we see practically the plumber or carpenter struggling to get the nail properly when fixing something. There is now battery driven nails drivers or nail guns. But still we see that the nail goes slanting or gets broken and the worker has to drill or drive at another spot or use another nail.
    So a nail has to be right always and it may not so essays said.

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